Beautiful Burlingame California! New Dating / Relationship Coach coming your Way!

Beautiful Burlingame California! New Dating / Relationship Coach coming your Way!

I am visiting Downtown Burlingame California and I am sure I will be moving here very, very soon. So, in the meantime why not come get to know me. 

Click Image for Romance, Love & Power.

Seduce women fast with Pickup Artist, pua & NLP Techniques.

Come find out what My New Discovery is in Male to Female Communication, Relationship Coaching and Dating Coach. 

There's a Powerful New Way of Understanding, Loving and Connecting with the opposite sex in a way that makes them feel Loved, Understood and Makes them very, very Happy!

And yes, this is also about the way to Romance a woman in the Right brain's Female way because women can no receive your Love in any other way. Challenge is, She knows it's missing but doesn't understand why you don't understand.

Answer: Men and Women are wired so completely different, that he can't Love you in the way you need to be Loved, in the Right Brain, Female, "Internal, Mentally Stimulating & Emotionally Fulfilling way let alone know how to Understood you.

His Neurology is wired in the opposite way than yours. Thus he attempts to Love you in the Male, Linear, "EXTERNAL" way without realizing what he is doing unconsciously, which is not Love to a Woman! 

A woman can not be Loved in the External Way! This is NOT LOVE to a woman!

Come find out what Love is to a woman and then learn how to Love her in the Mentally Stimulating & Emotionally Fulfilling way!

Ladies we have courses for you as well. Just call and ask. Let's set up a small group meeting. 

A New World is About to be Opened to you!!

There is a Hidden Power within each of us! 

I will show you how to access this in a way that give her Love and you More Social Power!

Love & Power need to be Understood in order to live a more Meaningful and Fulfilling Life!

Bless you all. 

Give me a call and let's set up a meeting with you and your friends for a small group or individual Training.

My New Website is just now being launched. Not yet complete but still available.

Call now: 415 415 456 8558

Mike Kollin



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