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So you want Power?

Well, you can have More Power! It's a lot Easier than you Think! And I will Show you how, Teach you how and Condition this into your Nervous System using NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis and other Modalities I am trained in! Ready?

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Hands down, this is the Most Powerful book you will ever read on dating or Relationships. There are 3 Core Keys and a Secret way to Understand women in order to know how to meet women easily, have a lot of fun and save your marriage.  This is Romantic Love and Seduction! Buy our #1 Best Seller | Crack The Female Code Save 15% More - Use Code: Awesome Without these teachings in my book and course, you are banging your head against a Brick wall. Admit it. Meeting women, picking up women or trying to understand women is a...

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Jesus said, "I AM" the way! = The Left logical brain is open to the Right Emotional Spiritual Brain. When the Mind is first "Open" to the Right Open Brain that is the I Am Jesus spoke of... The Forehead is the I the Open Heart is the Am. This is when the 2 become 1. You can not enter through the gates of Heaven unless you first become One. At + One = Atonement! It literally means At Onement! You must become ONE with yourself.The left and right Hemispheres must be open to one another and on the same...

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Crack The Female Code

The Answer to Love - There's a Code. It's Hidden!
Elite Dating and Relationship Coaching for Romance, Love and Emotional Healing!

There's a Hidden Code to Romance, Love and Romantic Seduction!

Join our tribe! 🎥

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Road Trip Across New Bay Bridge | Awesome View of Sunset | Party Shots and Video 🐹👻😊

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