The Art of Love and Saving your marriage / Relationship!

Yes, Love is an Art!

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But now it is a realistic art!

Men and women simply are not wired the same for anything! Love, Sex, Relationships, communication, emotional fulfillment, mental stimulation, emotional fulfillment, nothing! And nobody, I mean nobody has actually "Cracked the Female Code". At least until now! We are neurologically and physically wired completely differently for everything! The way a man tries to attract a women, turn a women on, seduce a women, even just talk/communicate with a women is so completely different, that it actually makes her raging angry/mad!!! So stop it!!! Stop thinking that paying for dinner is a sexual turn on for a women and will lead to sex, because it clearly and I mean clearly does not! But there is something that she wants and needs from you that is so much more powerful and directly triggers her mating system, thus turning her on sexually! And makes her want to have sex with you! And guess what, it's all taught in my courses! Yep, that's right, actually learning how to fulfill a woman's heart with Love and emotionally fulfilling words will lead her right, directly into the bedroom. But, you have to learn how! And trust me, she will absolutely love you for this form of communication and clarity and will open her arms and heart to you once again! She needs this from you! She needs to be loved in this female way and turned on and mentally stimulated in this very, very, very powerful way! You literally can't imagine How Powerful this form of Love is! It is absolutely the most amazing thing I have ever learned in my entire life! It has absolutely changed my relationship with women! So give yourselves a break! Seriously, right now, just give yourselves a break. Men and women are sooooooo completely different that even the experts are blind! They literally are the blind leading the blind. Now if you think that is a Bold statement, then let me put it this way! After you take the first 3 levels of my course, you will clearly and I mean clearly see where all the Love and Relationship experts have completely missed the mark! You! Yes, You will have a much, much greater understanding of the opposite sex than even the experts. Welcome to the Love Doctor's Blog and to your future Love and relationship coaching expert! Love and Relationships don't have to be as hard as it has been! There really is a new teaching and new discovery that teaches men how to clearly, clearly understand women, turn women on and satisfy women mentally, emotionally and physically/sexually! Love can be fun again! The Theme for this posting / Blog has to do with actual Love Relationships, where you are madly, head over heals in Love yet both of you just argue and fight and can't seem to make it work... Well, there is nothing and I mean nothing sadder than being madly in Love only to find no matter how hard you try the worse it gets! I've been through it 2 times. And I have seen hundreds, thousands, even more couples who are madly in Love, but they don't trust each other or receive Love "IN" the way that they need to receive it! Go ahead and re read that last sentence. See, men and women receive Love in the opposite direction of each other. And guess how we try to Love each other? Yep, that's right. We try to Express and give our love in the way that we receive Love! And that simply does not meet the opposite sexes needs at all. See, there is the Left Brain, logical, EXTERNAL way of expressing Love. You know, the Male form of love. Buying things, paying for things! The external world of things! It's a nice Gesture. It's merely a starting point. But I absolutely guarantee you that if you learn how to communicate and express your love in the right brains Mentally stimulating and Emotionally fulfilling way, she will not only melt back into your arms, completely open up, she will actually understand you! Now in order to do this, you will have to learn #1 How to open up to your right brain. Because the male Love system is hard wired through his left external brain. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I have heard I have heard so many men say they are very right brain, blah, blah, blah, blah... Now I am not trying to be disrespectful. I am really attempting to reach you on a deep level and tell you, that beyond a shadow of a doubt, the form of Love and Expression is so foreign, odd to you, that no matter how artistic or creative you think you are, this is a completely different form of Love that will blow you away. And the really cool thing is, that it will actually open you up to a brand new world that has always been right in front of your eyes, yet you completely missed it. So many men egotistically believe they get it, see it, understand and know what this is, but they have zero clue! Yes, I am actually challenging you to challenge your own ego and put aside everything you think you know and actually learn something completely differently than what you thought you knew. Because this my friends is THE ANSWER she has always wanted you to know! It's really up to you to want to learn how to Save your marriage! Add this new found relationship Key that not even the Experts are aware of! Again, It's completely up to you to learn this! Or fail miserably in relationships again and again and again... And if you are single, yes, this will absolutely teach you how to meet the girl of your dreams and / or date as many cuties as you desire until you are ready to settle down with that one special girl. I Love you all and wish you all the very, very Best in Life, Love and Relationships... Give us a call here at MGK Enterprises and "Crack the Female Code" It's the Greatest turn on your wife or girlfriend will ever receive! Call now and set up an appointment. Or just call for a free 15 to 30 minutes consultation. LOVE: 415 456 8558

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