"Open your Mind & Step into your Power!!" Beyond Dating & Relationships

"Open your Mind & Step into your Power!!" Beyond Dating & Relationships

When the Heart Rules the Mind! I am listening to a song right now called When they Heart Rules the mind by a Band Called GTR from the 80's. It's very, very inspiring & Extremely Powerful... A lot of people want more Power! And there's nothing wrong with that. So you want Power??? Well, you can have it, all of it! A lot of my clients are shocked and surprised at what my course is really all about. And every, Every, Every Great Teacher has spoken and taught these teachings to the masses!!! We want you to Have Power, Your Power!! These are the Lost Teachings from Long ago! And they are all here for you to rediscover! Our entire life's journey is to remember who we truly are and to finally STEP BACK INTO OUR POWER!!! These are lost teachings that will show you how to literally Step into your Power! You sincerely and literally are Powerful Beyond Belief. So many people hold themselves back, literally hold the door to their power closed! I say throw caution to the wind, learn how to Step back into your Power and Live an Awesome Life!! In this blog I will only give you a few tips on what Power truly is and maybe a few ways to access more of it! #1 Most people think power is Muscle Power or Ego Power or technically Push Energy! Sure, Lifting weights, knowing how to fight is a Form of Power but a very limited form of power! I was a highly trained fighter, martial arts since I was 4 years old, national champion in fight sports, #1 Rankings in Kickboxing, State Champion in Boxing, Football, wrestling, etc. etc.... But as I look back to high school, college or my 20's, it was clear that I had very limited power and I couldn't get what I wanted out of life! It was because the Form of "WHAT I THOUGHT" was Power was not power at all and was actually closing the door to real power! And that's the First question you have to ask yourself! So, you have worked hard. You have dedicated yourself to a profession or skill set, etc. Maybe gotten a degree, 2 or even 3 degrees... Ok, fine, Great! But!!!

Did you get the results you truly desired???

Do you truly have what you want in your life????

Ask yourself right now:

#1 What were the Results you Desired

#2 What did you get?

I have found that most men in my courses simply will not be honest and honestly answer this question! I have to Yell at them, Scream at them and do everything in my Power to get them to stand up, look themselves in the mirror and be 100% Honest with themselves on where they are at in their lives!

The #1 thing that is keeping you from truly Being Powerful is not truly 100% being Honest with yourself on #1 what you wanted and worked so hard for and #2 what you got!!!

The Male Brain is so God Damn Linear and is sooooooooooooooo GREAT at what it does best, "Staying focused on the target that it simply will not veer of path even if it's not getting the results that it desires!!!! It might take some men decades to finally admit it's simply not working!!!




So the Question is!!!!



Then stop and learn something New!! Or Older than the Earth itself!! 

Male Power is limiting. 

Female Power is All Powerful.

What I am talking about is your Right Brains' Power!!!

I am talking about Emotional Power! NO! I did not say Cry Baby Power! In fact that is usually from your Ego or Intellect! The smallest part of your brain. And I mean Freaking tiny, tiny, tiny!!! Your Ego or intellect is so small, that if you were to draw a circle on a wall 14 feet high and 14 feet wide, if you made a tiny, tiny as small as possible tick with a pencil, it would be 10 times smaller than that...

Here's what's going on. Just like in the Bible where it says in Genesis how Adam and Eve are Hiding from God, you are also hiding from your SELF!!!

Now be Careful of that word "SELF" when I say Self! I have a very, very distinct and specific meaning for that word when I use it.



The Left Brain is the External Brain. The way the left brain processes is what's called Externally and in a Linear fashion. Linear means Line. To go in a line or think in a line. The left brain is the logical, male brain which processes literally in a line.

The Right Brain is the "INTERNAL" Brain!!!!!!!!!

This is what Jesus, Buddha and all the other Great Teachers were trying to get you to see, understand and Do and Be! POWERFUL.


Because this is the only way you can save the world and create a better world for all including your "SELF!!!"

The Right Brain is the Emotional, Creative, Spiritual & Social Brain. And the way you Access this Greater Power is by Stepping into your "SELF!!" By Opening up your mind and stepping into your HEART!!!

Yes, LOVE!!!

Love is The Answer!!! Love Literally Opens the Door to your Actual, Real Power!!! LITERALLY!!!

Jesus says, "LOOK WITHIN!!!"

Buddha Says and Teaches to "LOOK WITHIN!!!"

My entire Core of my course is all about teaching you to "LOOK WITHIN!!!" This is the Core, #1 Teaching in my course!!! Because it opens you up to your POWER!!!

Ok, so what specifically do I mean!

The Lower Reptilian Brain's #1 job is to Keep you Alive; Survival. It's #2 Job is the Reproduce. That's why it's called the Fight or Flight Brain, just like a lizards brain, literally!!!

Our Job is to get you to Open up to all 3 of your Brains. The left, right and lower brain to fully function and Access all of your Power or at least MORE OF YOUR POWER!!

Now here is what's going on!!!

The Lower Reptilian Brain is keeping you from your Power! Remember, the name of this brain is also The Fight or Flight Brain or Function. It makes you strong, instinctual and ready to fight or run in case of emergency or attack of fighting.

What it does is close the artery that it is in charge of that allows blood to flow to the larger HUMAN Brain, the larger Left and Right Hemispheres.

When you are in a state of panic or fear or danger, it closes down that artery and restricts blood flow to the larger brain and redirects the blood flow to the lower Skeletal part of your body to shove more blood into your bodies muscles for Fight and Flight. And it also Redirects the blood from your gut/intestines to your muscles as well, thus putting a ton of blood into your muscles in your body!!!

Have you ever worked out for a while and noticed your gut went down and your muscles looked a lot bigger and more muscular? That's what happens when you work out or get into a fight or are attacked. Suddenly you get bigger and stronger because the blood is redirected into your muscles and makes them bigger and gives them more energy.

Makes sense?

This is why every martial arts teacher or boxing coach or kickboxing coach or even football or wrestling coach has always told me to Breath, calm down and stay relaxed mentally, etc... Or to shake it off when I get upset...

When you get angry, that artery shuts right down and all the Brain Power goes right out the window... Thus leaving you stupid... I loved it when an opponent in boxing or wrestling would come at me with "BLIND" Rage!!! Because that's exactly what it was... it was so easy to out maneuver these guys, even if they were better than me! Connor McGregor is the Master of doing this to his opponents. I don't actually think he is the Best Physically gifted fighter. But overall he does understand the Mastery of the Mental game of sport/fighting.

If you can upset, piss of and anger your opponent, you will win! And he is a Shining example of understanding the full Art of Fighting!

In Boxing they use to tell us, "Never get Angry" because it works against you!

Why? Because this will shut the artery down thus you lose 99% of your Power!

And that's where more than 80% of the Human Race is living right now!

See, the World can be a place of Absolutely Abundance and Peace and a very fun place to Live if we can simply just Open up to your Higher Functioning Brain!!!

Stop being so God Damn Afraid!!! Stop it!!! It's ok, it really is! It's ok! Everything is going to be Ok!!! You're alive and you have already made it through a lot of really, really tough times!!

This is why all the Great Teachers say, "Take Faith!" "Believe" "Patience" etc...

All of these words open up that artery! When you truly "Have Faith" your mind and body relax... and the artery opens up and suddenly it becomes easy! And that's what I am talking about when I mean Real Power. It  becomes so easy and a lot more fun to create, do  and achieve what you want to create, do and achieve simply by opening up to your Higher Brain Function...

Now, is it easy? Well...

Yes and No!!! In the beginning it seems odd, weird and strange because to the male brain this is the Exact, Opposite of what it understands and the way it processes and the way it thinks...

The left brain likes to grab, control and push into, even when it's thinking!!! Like grabbing onto a steering wheel of a car. It want's to control and steer everything... and it's the weirdest thing in the beginning to let go of that Force, control mentality and way of living life!!!

The way you open up to the Right Brain is simply by "LETING GO!!!!"

YES!!! Letting go is the Key to your POWER!!!!

Watch this!

Let's imagine for a second that you have a Huge, Powerful, Muscle Car with over 650 Horse Power in it!!!

You Rev up the engine and really rev it up loudly and Powerfully! But! You have the BRAKES ON!!!

You go Nowhere!!! ZERO POWER!!! It only Feels Powerful!!! And that is the Illusion of what most people think Power is!!!

See, once you let off that Brake, Now you have the Power of both the Left and Right Brain. Now you have Full Physical Power and also Computer/Mind Power!

Now you can and Will Win!!!

Keys to tapping into your Power:

Getting a massage

Massage helps you to open up to your right brain by brining your Awareness into your Body which thus opens you up to your right brain and allows that artery to open up!

Internal Meditation

The reason I say Internal Meditation, is because most people do external Meditation which disconnects them from their Power! You must  learn how to "LOOK WITHIN" your body to connect with your "SELF!"

Have you ever heard of the phrase "Mind Body"? This is the Goal... but I don't simply mean from a state of not truly, sincerely understand and living this. I mean Literally Stepping into your Power!!!!!

It takes a very skilled Practitioner who sincerely knows how to step into their power themselves who also knows how to help you shift into your power using their power and Awareness. And this is the Mastery of my course.

Now here is the thing guys. Not only will this give you Social Power, it will automatically Attract women to you as well. Her mating system is hard wired to be Powerfully Attracted to men who are inside their Power!

Anything that helps you to open up to your right brain will help you learn how to step into your Power!

Emotional Music

Making Love releases a chemical into your body that relaxes your entire body and opens up that artery

Good food

Yoga, Long Stretching

Deep Breathing


In my course I will show you some Very Powerful Techniques that will Amplify all of this 10 times. You want Power? I will show you How to Literally Step into Your Power!!!

Now remember, when I say POWER, I mean REAL POWER that gets you Real Life Results!!! I am not talking about some mamby pamby bullshit!!! This is the Real deal...

Remember, if you are not getting the results you desire, then I highly, Highly Recommend that you come to my course or 1 on 1 coaching and Truly learn how and condition yourself to Be inside your Power!

The Doorway to your Power is LOVE

Love Relaxes the artery and Opens the door to your Power!


Call Now & Change your life and everyone's around you!!! 

Mike Kollin 

415 456 8558

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