Is the Corona Virus a Pandemic or another H.G. Wells War of the Worlds

  My Purpose is to help Put things into Perspective.

Well, as you can see I am sitting inside a Starbucks inside Target writing this Blog!

Yes, if you are wondering, I am purposely writing in public at Starbucks even though for months I have been working out of my office writing blogs shooting youtube video's...  

Is this a real Life Phobia getting out of Control Causing Mass Hysteria?

I just got off my facebook page and Holy Wow!!! Talking about Panic! People are really freaking out...

The media is doing the Equivalent of what we call in Hypnosis and NLP a Visual Phobia. About 2 weeks ago there was a chart of an area where 300 people were infected with the virus near Wuhan. 

Now mind you, China has close to 2 Billion people! That's 2 Billion with a big B!!! 

Now compare that to 3,000 people infected. That's less than 1/1000 of a percent!!

Yet the Chart they showed with big red blotches represented the infected people went over large swaths of land making it visually look like 200 Million people were infected! 

I mean like WTF???? 

The are purposefully using Rich, Explosive Red Colors and Explosive charts to excite your Attention centers inside your brain! They are purposely using charts to make it look like it's blowing up into the millions dying. But when you actually look at the numbers you are like, "OH so this is less than 3% of the population..." 

I just right now found a video where they are using this super super Scary Music in the video talking about the virus. Now I am not talking about people like you and I. I am talking about the National News Media of America!

I turned on a few different news channels 2 days ago and the News Caster was going off like it was a Hollywood Movie and 100 Million people have already died and people are running in the streets and panic is everywhere!

I mean the regular flu kills form 21,000 people every year to 61,000 people a year and 45 Million were infected. Yet this Corona Virus is like in the thousands. But you would swear this Corona virus was way way more than 45 Million infected and at least 10 Million dead. It's not! It's not even close... it's not even 4,000 world wide. 

Yet right now today as in this very minute the Corona virus just went over 100,000 infected. If you know basic math that's "Nothing" compared to 45 Million infected.

So Just Relax! Breath Deep and let the experts look into this and figure this out! 

I mean they always do!

You are Going to be Okay

You might be wondering why I am writing on this subject right now? Well because I have had a dozen clients contact me, call me in the last 3 days all panicked and freaking out!

Because I am an Expert on Human Behavior and Psychology! Because I am an Expert on Emotional Healing and Anxiety disorders! I Help people in a very Powerful way to Calm down and let go of stress and Anxiety! 

Because Right now the World Needs Help!

And yes, this Corona Virus is causing a lot of Panic, Stress and Anxiety for a lot of people! 

Yes, we are in a New and Potentially Terrifying Experience with this New Corona Virus!

I will finish writing this tomorrow... I'll be back with a video on here as well... 

I will talk about how to calm this down as in letting go of the Phobia / Hypnotic Phobic type effect the news may be having on you or not... so you can find your inner peace regardless of how far this does or does not go...

From ignorant lead me to truth. From darkness lead me to light. From death lead me to immortality. Om Peace Peace Peace! 

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