Is Love, Peace, Harmony and true Understanding possible in relationships?

There is an amazing song that I am listening to right now that is absolutely the epitome of what my teachings and course are all about! That song is called Club Can't Handle Me by Flo Rida!  This young man's music is some of the most positive, uplifting and joyful music I have heard in a long, long time. I think it's time that we as a human race begin to start creating most positivity and love all the way around! Life was meant to be enjoyed and full of love, harmony and goodness for all.... Here is a link to that song: So the question: Can men and women finally get along? The answer is yes, absolutely! But, it's going to take some work in the beginning! Love and Harmony has purposely been hidden from you to force you to learn, to grow and to discover who you are as a person within and to take it even deeper to find out who your partner is within! See, what is going to be necessary is for you to learn the opposite sexes form of communication, body language and how they fall in love and receive love, because men and women are the complete opposite from one another! #1 We Communicate in 2 completely different languages that literally go in 2 different directions! Yes, I am serious. Men communicate in the "External" Linear language without even realizing it. This language is foreign, odd and strange to women and women flat out have a really hard time understanding what you are saying, let alone trying to understand what you are feeling emotionally about issues and experiences in life! See, women process communication and body language in a different part of their brain than men do. So women communicate in the right brain's internal, mentally stimulating and emotionally fulfilling language that fills her heart with love, joy and pleasure! This to a woman is Love! Yes, I  mean that!!! This form of communication and expression to a woman is Love! I know, I know, for men, this is extremely hard to understand and truly relate to because you brain was wired so differently that it's almost impossible for the male brain to even be aware of this language, let alone understand that there is a nerve that is connected to this part of her brain and is powerfully triggered to fill her heart and soul with your love! But now you can finally learn and discover this hidden language that triggers powerful feelings of Love within her heart and triggers her sexually and Powerfully turns her on sexually!!! And yet, men continue to rely on paying for dinner, flowers and gifts. The problem is, this is not what she wants or needs to receive your love! And it doesn't turn her on sexually, Because: #2 The way men express their love is not the way women receive Love! She will go for years and years and years without true mental stimulation and emotional fulfillment and wait patiently for you to learn this language that touches her heart and truly fills her up to completion within to bond with you for life! #3 Women are sexually stimulated in the opposite way than men are. Yet men continue to try to attract, turn on and Romance women in the male, external, linear way that men are turned on, Seduced, romanced and attracted! Why would you do that? Answer: because that's what you know because that's the way your brain is wired! So come on, whether you are single, dating or in a relationship there is something very, very powerful for you to learn here! Come on guys learn what this secret is so you can fill your sweet hearts, heart of hearts with true love in the way that she needs you to love her with! It's a hidden language that she wishes you spoke! And if you are single, I personally guarantee you will discover the easiest, most powerful way to attracting women on the planet! Once you see the Secret you will be amazed and realize what you have been missing your entire life! [caption id="attachment_1262" align="alignleft" width="196" caption="My Happy Little girl."][/caption]                     So call now and sign up for a life changing series of seminars or coaching sessions that will open the door to everything you have ever desired in life, love and relationships! CAll now: 415 456 8558  

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