Every Woman's Battle - The Need for [Love & Emotional Fulfillment]

There is an Answer to Love

Love, Communication & Emotional  Fulfillment are Now Possible

And How to Get it!

Get all the Love & Emotional Fulfillment you Need, Desire & Deserve in your Marriage / Relationship. Powerful Dating & Relationship Coaching Discovery!!

Wake up!! It's Time! It's Time for you to Get all the Love & Emotional Fulfillment you Need, Desire and Dream of Now!!! 

As I read through other psychological blogs and articles I am Horrified at what they are telling women. To Give up on Emotional Fulfillment to not Look for Emotional Fulfillment from their spouse, partner or men! 

You Can Now Have it! Men Can Learn How to Communicate in the Right Brain Language and give you True, Deep, Emotionally Fulfilling & Meaningful Communication from their Heart of Hearts!

On My Heart! On My Soul! I swear, Men can "Now" Learn how to Love you in that Deeper, more Mentally Stimulating & Emotionally Fulfilling way that you Need, Desire & Enjoy with my New Life Changing, Relationship & Dating Discovery!

I found the Answer!

I made a New Discovery that Shows men how to Open up to their Right Brain and learn how to Communicate and express their feelings in the Mentally Stimulating & Emotionally Fulfilling "Internal" language of Love that your heart desires! 

Understanding, Clarity in Communication between the sexes, True Deeper Love & Emotional Fulfillment are all now Possible!

"Plant the Seeds of Love & Desire Now"

And Let Emotional Fulfillment Blossom

Plant the Seeds of Love, Desire and Emotional Fulfillment.

Oneness, wholeness and completion between and within couples is now possible! You Deserve the very Best Love and Relationship. 

Yes, I am talking about that warm, Loving, Open form of Communication that comes only from his Heart and fills yours with Love & Emotional Fulfillment! ❤️ 💕 💝 

But First a little story:


So, I had this client who, no matter what her husband would do for her, she simply didn't believe he Loved her.

So eventually, I got really bold and blunt. And I said, "What Makes you think he doesn't Love you????" And she kind of beat around the bush once again. So I said, "What exactly is happening or not happening that makes you feel or believe he doesn't love you? Give me an Example of what it is?"

She said, "Well, for Example, whenever he comes home, he won't tell me what's wrong?" I said, "What makes you think there's something wrong?" She said, "Because he won't tell me what's wrong." So at this point, I started to grin.... hehe... (Note this has been going on for over a year or so. And at this point he got his own apartment more than an hour drive away. P.s. after a few sessions, they moved back in together and have been happily married for more than 2 years now!)

Cuz I got this already. (Yeah, I used a little slang there.) Simple... Now it becomes fun for me because all I have to do is communicate in a way that her unconscious mind see's what I see and understand's what I understand. So at this point it becomes fun because it's just a matter of taking her down the learning path to seeing the Bigger Picture. (This is due to all my NLP Trainings and how to get someone's unconscious mind to actually understand on a much deeper level what it is that they are not seeing or conscious of!)

And Trust me, it's all about The Bigger Picture!

So I asked her, "Tell me exactly what would happen." So she said, "Well, he would come home, walk in the door, give me a kiss and a hug, and I would say, 'How was your day?'. And he would just give a simple answer like, 'it was fine, it's ok, it was good'. So then I would ask him, "What's wrong?" And he would always say, "Nothing is wrong." And then he would just walk into the kitchen, grab some food and then go into the living room and turn on the TV. 

So then I would go in there and ask him "What's wrong." And then he would get mad and yell, "Nothing's wrong, everything is ok. I just want to watch this show." 

So at this point, I start to laugh. And she says, "What's so funny?" So I said, "Does he like that show?" She said, "Yes, why?" I said, "Does he watch that show a lot?" She said, "Yes, how did you know?" hahaha.,.. So I laugh and began... 

I said, The way men express themselves in depth is by raising their volume and yelling  in celebration, anger or determination. That's how you know they Reeeeeeaaaaaaaally mean it. Just like a Caveman! "Raaaaaaaaaaaaa"

Men Communicate and Express their Emotions to women all, and I mean all the Time!!! 

But they do it in the male form of Communication / Expression. Which to women is not Communication or expressing your emotions at all, because she can not receive your Love or Understand you in the male way of expressing yourself!!! Now that's a Problem isn't it?

"Me Caveman! You Cave Girl Grunt Grunt!!!" 

The Male Form of Expressing his Deep, Deep Love Can Not be Received by Women! She needs to hear it, receive it in the Female Form of Love! 

Ladies and Gentlemen we have a Problem. 

Meaning, you are still a Cave person by nature. But I kind of suspect you already know this. 

One thing I noticed was that women would giggle and laugh at how men still grunt or talk like they are still cavemen, using modern language, but still like a caveman, the way you move, act, sound, talk, etc..  

"Me Caveman, you Cave Girl!! Raaaaaaaa!!!!"

My Original Caveman Dating & Relationship Logo

Then after a while, I noticed women doing their Cave Girl stuff. hahahaha... I caught my ex girlfriend smelling the back of my neck. I Kept my mouth shut for a while. And began to pay attention to this behavior over time. 

What caught me off guard, was one day I was at the Grocery store and this other lady snuck up behind me in the grocery store line and literally smelled my neck... Ha!!! I just froze and almost burst out laughing. 😝

And then a few weeks later I watched another woman standing behind a guy in line at the grocery store and she snuck up and sniffed him! hahahahaha.... You little Cave girls you!

Now Guys, remember I said that the female brain is the Right Brain, which is directly connected to the (Caveman/Reptilian/ Instinctual Brain?) Well the right brain is the 5 senses brain, which includes smells... And it's Directly connected to her Mating system which turns her on sexually. So connect the dots here sir!

The Right Brain’s Hidden, Indirect Language not only turns her on Sexually, it literally fills her heart with your Love & Emotions!

Yes, Ladies, you have a bit of Cave girl in you too... Not to mention the wiggling, dancing, etc. to stimulate the Male Mating System Visually. Makeup, Hairdo's, earrings, jewelry, wiggling etc. are all visual stimulus to trigger his visual mating system. Its all Instinctual... 

You want Power in Dating & Relationships ladies? Regain your Female SEDUCTION POWER!!! 

The Male Mating System is directly stimulated Visually. Thus you need to Re-Master the Art of Romantic Visual - Seduction for him as well. Because this gives you POWER!!! 

Remember, there is "No Right Or Wrong!" There is just the way we are hard Wired Neurologically and how we are stimulated, turned on and Loved!

Again, The Female Mating System is also in the Instinctual Lower Caveman/Cave girl Brain. And it is directly connected to her Right Brains Communication Processor! 

What that means is, Women are Stimulated / Sexually Turned on through the Hidden Right Brain Form of Indirect Communication. 

So men, when you say you are a great communicator, you mean the Left, Logical Brain Communicator as in proper, logical communication! She does not mean that at all. This does not turn her on. In fact it turns her off sexually! It gives her a headache, Literally!

OH Hell... this part is not going to be in the book right here:

Here's the deal... we are not Logical Creatures or beings at all... We are Emotions and Chemicals and feelings... we are abstract beings that have Emotions and Feelings! 

Stop for 1 second and just read this! 

Our Mating Systems are "INSIDE" our "Instinctual, Lower, Reptilian Brain!!! 

For Crying out Loud!!! It, our Love, Relationships are Instinctual, not LOGICAL!!!!! I just want to scream at this point!!! 

And for Women your mating system is directly connected to your Emotional Communication Processor Right Brain!

So well... hmmmmm... Emotional Processor directly connected to the Animal, Instinctual Mating System Brain?

Rules simply will not work here at all, Nope! And that's what the experts want us to believe, that some set of rules or way of having a relationship will make us happy! It won't!!

We are Emotions!!!!!!! 

Ladies, God Bless you, but you are not logical creatures, when it comes to Relationships and relating in sexual relationships!

And all these men and all of these Dating, Relationship Courses simply can not help you at all... You are Emotions and you are Feelings! And that is Fucking Awesome!!! 

It's why I Love you! It's why men are so Drawn to you! To Feel!!! 

They, the supposed Experts and Psychologists, are teaching this Stupid Fucking Blind Set of Made up Rules! Yes! Rules!!!!! That don't even work!

What's worse each and everyone of them have a different set of rules to Live by! That is not what my course is about at all.... 

Rules do not satisfy the Cave girl inside of You! Period!

Emotional Fulfillment Does!

And that is what my Entire Course is all about! Complete and total Satisfaction, wholeness and Completeness, Connection and Much, Much, Much More!!! 

I Said Fuck the rules! Fuck Societies Lies and Bullshit!!! It is not Working!!

What they, the Supposed Experts are teaching us is some puritanical type of set of rules that don't even work for the very people who are teaching this shit to us!

I am sorry but when the experts have each gotten 3 divorces each on both the male and female side, it's time to throw the rules out and find out "What in the Hell is going on????" 

And that's exactly what I did!!!!! 

You want to know what I do??? 

I teach men how to Open up to their Right Brain, Stimulate your mind, Turn you on Sexually and Communicate in the Deeper, Mentally Stimulating & Emotionally Fulfilling Language of Romance, Love, Passion, Excitement and Everything your wildest Dreams Could ever possibly imagine! 

All the way from Love and Communication to Understanding & Heated Passion in the Sheets!!!! 

I am sorry, but there is Absolutely no reason for you to ever go empty emotionally ever Again! I know this is one of the worst hurts and pains a women can go through! 

If you want to find out how to Save your Marriage, heal your heart and overcome all the difficulties in your Relationships and find a place of Real, Actual Common Ground where the 2 of you can actually understand each other, then you are just going to have to take my course!

I Love you With all my Heart & All My Soul!n

Sincerely you Deserve to be Loved in a way that Fills you up Emotionally Within!! 

I will see you at an Upcoming Seminar! Because the World needs to Heal & Enjoy this thing we call life to the Absolute and total Fullness... It's Time!!!


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Every Woman's Battle - The Need for Love & Emotional Fulfillment!


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