Dateless and Desperate Virgin "NO MORE!!!"

Mikes advice is literally right on the target! I can't thank you enough Mike! When I first met Mike Kollin, I was literally a dateless and desperate virgin. I was 23 years old, 5'10", Black Belt, in great shape with a professional career as a respiratory therapist making over $50,000 a year. I had my own place, new car and yet, I was still a virgin and couldn't seem to "Crack the Code" as Mike calls it! And I am an above average guy with confidence and fairly sociable, yet still was a virgin. For years, I did everything I thought I was supposed to do. I payed for dinners, I bought flowers, everything, and yet I kept getting the, "Your a nice guy" with a kiss on the cheek or a handshake and a quick goodbye! When I first met Mike, I was totally shocked at what he taught me. To say the least, I thought he was a bit crazy, but Mike convinced me, what did I have to lose? And the answer was nothing. What I was doing, simply wasn't working, so I said, "What the hell, why not?" Hahahaha... I did the craziest, most backwards things that Mike taught me and it worked! Not only am I not a Virgin any more, I date and connect with women sexually all the time now! And the girls are actually pretty cute! Mike is right, "There literally is a method to this madness!" And once you know what it is and how to do it, it starts to become fun, really fun! Mikes advice is literally right on the target! Mike is "The Man!" Thanks again Mike! I'm Glad I listened to what you said! You're a great coach! Allen - Respiratory Therapist, San Francisco

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