"CRACK THE FEMALE CODE" = The Female Way! (Mike Kollin)

How to Attract and Turn women on Easily!

Hi, this is Mike Kollin at http://cf3.728.myftpupload.com I want to teach you how to attract and turn on women in the female way. Ok, what I am about to talk about may sound a bit counter intuitive to the male brain. But, to the female brain it makes absolute sense! Ok, what am I talking about? Well, you know there are a lot of pickup courses out there or dating tips for men or Love and Relationship courses that teach men, or supposedly teach men how to meet women. And here is what I mean. See, the male brain is hard wired to love Linear processes. Simply put, what that means, is a step by step manual process so to speak. So, it's really easy to sell and convince men by simply using the male strategy of teaching him a step by step process in which he will believe works, because that's the way his  brain is wired. And yet, it doesn't. So why is this? The answer is in my course and is what my entire course is all about!!! My courses sole design is to program you from that step by step logical thinking and way of approaching life, because it takes her away from her mating system. Which means, it turns her off big time! And women absolutely can not stand it at all... Now what do I mean? See, the left brain is the male, logical brain. But her mating system is directly connected to her right brain. Did you hear that? Did you understand what I just said? Here, let me show you again. Ok, the female mating system is in the lower, instinctual, reptilian brain or the RAS System, which is located directly underneath the larger human brain. #1 Her mating system is in the lower brain. But, how do you trigger this to turn her on sexually? #2 Her mating system is directly connected to her right brains communication center/processor. Now the right brain is the female brain. Now this brain is the indirect, subtle, emotional processor. Now when I say emotional, I don't' mean cry like a baby, this will turn her off. My point is this. Men think the way men think and are turned on the way men are turned on sexually. But, this is the opposite of the way she is turned on sexually. The male way is the logical, left brain way. The female mating system is directly connected to her right brains processor, which, again, is the "Indirect way!" And this is a completely different language that triggers her mating system. The female brain or mating system is turned on sexually by a very specific set of words and language used in the Indirect Language! Again, because her mating system is directly connected to her right brains communication center, which is the 5 senses/emotional processor. It's a different language. So, if you want to directly trigger and turn on and attract women, you must do it the Indirect way! And that is what my entire course is about. Learning this hidden female language that melts her heart and opens her up emotionally to you, to connect with you and Make Love to you! This is the most powerful form of Love making to a woman! If you can simply learn how to express yourself, your emotions, feelings, life victories in this way, she will bond with you sexually because this is the way of mother nature and how the female was designed. The Male way: Impressing her Paying for dinner Paying for flowers and gifts Expensive cars, jewelry and money! The male way turns her off powerfully. Why? Because it pulls her into her left, logical brain and takes her away from her mating system. Author: Mike Kollin 415 456 8558 There is a right way to attract women! There is a way right way to ask a woman out! There is a right way to turn a woman on and seduce her. And all of these are the Female way of Attraction and seduction, because this is what she is naturally wired for and enjoys and wants from you! So yes! There are very, very powerful ways to attract, romance and seduce women in the way she likes! Unfortunately it is not the male way or the logical, step by step, linear process way! It is The Right Way! Literally! Please, come learn how. Call now 415 456 8558 This is Mike Kollin Your Love and Relationship coach @ http://MikeKollin.com If you are in the San Francisco / Bay area or Northern California area, ie Napa, Petaluma, Novato, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville, Walnut Creek, Concord to Sacramento, then come on by and learn what it is you have been missing your entire life! Hell, I had a client fly all the way out from Ireland to learn my secrets. I also travel to San Jose and also Southern California areas, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Diego, etc.. There are secrets mother nature hid from the male brain that will absolutely turn around your Dating game and save your marriage! Come now! Give us a call and let's change your life together. This works! P.s. I just finished writing my book: "Crack the Female Code" last week. If you want to have an intro to what my teachings and course are all about, buy my book. It will absolutely shock you! What you learn in there will completely change your view of women, romance and what love is to women! It's 100% Female approved too. I Told you women are the opposite of you! Simply go to the top to the Products tab and then click on the resources tab! Or click on this link right here: http://cf3.728.myftpupload.com/books-and-resources/ See, there it is! Buy now before my price goes up. Right now it is only $25 for over 400 pages of top notch teachings. The price will go up to $60 after Christmas this years, December 25th, 2012. What's a better time to change your life than Right NOW!!! 415 456 8558

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