"Crack the Female Code" Testimonials on my Book #1

These are purely spontaneous testimonials from emails about my Newly released book, "Crack the Female Code!"  


#1 Hey mike still reading your book it's taking me a little long, but i will get on it. Half way done from section 2. How much of it can u apply in the field or does it require infield coaching also because I don't get back to bay area for. 4 months. I leave Cali Monday to Washington for 4 months and was wondering what other options/resources I have and what from the book r the most crucial things i should study. I find predicate system and female ovulation cycle and how to spot it fascinating. Thanks mike  (Note: His name is Mike too.)  


"This is a Great client who has learned the art of communication."


Hey Mike, How are things going?  Part IV is totally awesome.  I'm about one third of the way through.  I'm experimenting with some of the ideas for writing online profiles.

Mark K. Masters in Psychology, Licensed MFCC     


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