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Why Men Just Don't Get It

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Why Men Just Don't Get It

How to Seduce Women Fast - Dating & Relationship Coaching

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"Meaningful Communication for Deeper Connections"

This adds Clarity, Love & Understanding in Communication.

There's a Hidden Secret in Communication that Fills her Heart & Opens her up to you Emotionally!

Learn the Most Powerful Secrets to Opening her up, Melting her Heart and Filling her with your Love.

This is the Greatest thing you will ever learn about Life, Love, Dating, Relationships & Living!

Come learn The Secrets on how to Save your Marriage, Meet the Girl of your Dreams & Step into your Power!

It's all about a Deeper Understanding of Romance, Love & Communication.

Author, Speaker, Dating & Relationship Coach, Communication Expert, NLP Trainer & Master Hypnotherapist...

"Relationships should be a place of Love and Amazing Experiences together!"                                

- Mike Kollin 

Napa Valley to San Francisco Bay Area - California  


Michael Saved My Marriage - He showed me the way men express their love. All this time my husband did Love me in his way! We moved back in together and have been happy ever since. 3 years now...

Julie N. - Salon Owner, San Rafael, California

"This Far Surpasses anything and everything I have learned in 15 years of studying Dating tips & Relationship coaching and Pickup artist courses! This is Powerful Stuff! You won't learn this in a Pickup Artist Course or Dating tips Book!"

Eric M. Roofing Contractor - Detroit, MI.

"Mind Blowing!

If you want to Understand & Feel Comfortable with women and learn how to Attract, Love and turn women on, you have to take this course Now."

Abhinav K. - Asst. Trainer San Francisco, Ca.

" If I took your course 2 years ago, I would still be married.

This is what my wife was saying but I didn't understand her."  

Mark H. - Chiropractor - Santa Rosa Ca.

“Mikes courses and teachings are absolutely essential if you have had it with losing in the game of Life, Love and women. Mikes teachings are Empowering for men and his insights are refreshing!” 

Steve K. Napa Ca.


There's a Secret - Mother Nature Hid From the Male Brain

Stop Struggling in Dating & Relationships . All the Hurt, Confusion & Needless Suffering does not need to exist anymore.

There is a Real Answer & It's so Powerful, So Enlightening & So Life Changing that you will wish you took this course 20 years ago!

 Your eyes Will be Opened!

When a man can learn how to give a woman Emotional Fulfillment through Meaningful Communication & Right Brain Understanding, there is a shift that happens in that relationship. A Deeper Understanding through this hidden language develops. And a Level of Satisfaction & Contentment begins to grow within the relationship. And this can then be carried out into the world. This is about making the world a better place. This is not just about you.

"I teach men The Most Powerful form of Love & Romantic Seduction Available by teaching him how to Open up to his Right Brain & Learn how to Speak the Hidden, Internal Mentally Stimulating & Emotionally Fulfilling Language that opens her up, melts her heart and makes her run into your arms."

For Romance, Love & Meaningful Communication.

I Help Women to Heal & Open up to Love again by Helping Her Understand - "Why Men Just Don't Get it!"

A Lot of the hurt, pain and suffering is due to Complete Misunderstandings due to the fact we are Neurologically wired in the opposite direction for Romance, Love & Communication!  Including Understanding how to Romantically turn each other on!

Mission: "To Heal your Heart & Open you Back Up to Love through Understanding the differences in Love, Communication & Romantic Understanding."

There's a Better Way.

Brand New Dating & Relationship Discovery

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