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Happy Post Valentines & The Power of Self Love! Dating tips for Men San Francisco

It’s allllllll about self love! Your Power in life comes from Loving yourself!

Dig in Deep Guys and Gals, this one is going to be deep, powerful and life Changing! This is all about Kicking Ass! Cuz we’re here to win!!!

So, sorry I haven’t written in the last few days!

But hey, it was Valentines and I wanted to have some fun! But, my laziness, rather life enhancing day that I celebrated my life on, is going to benefit you greatly! I am going to offer you some great deals right here!

Love Me!

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But first, lets learn the most powerful thing you will ever, ever, ever, ever learn. In fact, I truly believe it is the very reason we are all here on this planet having this experience in the first place! So come on, let’s learn the #1 Secret to making this experience on this earth a wild and amazing experience together!

So, you want to meet the girl or girls of your dreams, Right!!!

Are you sure? Because the real truth, the real answer, that is more powerful than my entire course, is going to be revealed!

I have 1 Question for you. Just one! And this one question if you take it seriously, will change your entire life and will shift your entire future experiences Now! Ready?

Do you Love Yourself?

I mean that. Do you Love Yourself? Do you really Love yourself? Because no one else can truly love you until you can accept and love yourself. And yes, you do deserve to love yourself and be loved by others. It’s literally that simple! Period! You are WELCOME!!!

Do you want to know what the Secret is to those guys who are so called Naturals? You know, the guys who have never taken a course on how to be a Pickup artist or how to meet women? You know, that guy in high school who, for some reason could meet any girl he wanted and get her into bed.

Do you want to know what the Secret is to most of those people who are successful in life, business, sports, music, etc.? On some level, they all deeply, deeply love themselves and they know they are worth it! Now they might have other issues, etc. but, they do Love themselves deeply!

If you think Self Love is a goofy, funny, wishy washy thing, you are only fooling yourself!

Self Love is Personal Power! Those who have it have Power and get more of what they want in life!

So, you come to me and you say, “Hey Mike, I really want to learn how to meet girls, I suck at it!” Well, let me tell you something, every single client I have worked with has had 1 single common problem!

Lack of Self Love!

Now, here is the deal. Women have a radar system in them that can tell when a man loves himself. To a woman, it’s pretty damn obvious. In fact, I am finally at the point where I can see it in a person. I am sitting her right now at a Cafe in San Rafael, Ca. near San Francisco Ca..

And I can look at a person and see if they love themselves. And to the extent that they do is equivalent that they enjoy life and also the level of money they make. No, I am definitely not saying that money is the defining factor, but an abundance of money is definitely a part of the flow of it!

See, if you truly, truly and or to the extent that you love yourself, is the extent that you will approach that cute girl. It is the extent that you will stand up for yourself, because you don’t have this inner voice saying you are not good enough or don’t deserve that or that or that. In fact, your inner voice will begin to be on your side and get your back. Your Inner Voice is your Best Friend! Period! So you need to start loving yourself and telling yourself Thank you, I Love you, I am on your side. Say Good things to yourself. It really, really works!

See, most people are looking for someone else to love them and fill that void in their heart or chest or gut with their Love! And once that happens, you begin to lose your own power. But, if you are full of Self love, all of a sudden you won’t let that person disrespect you or hurt you in any way, because you Love yourself! And this will give you more Social power, Business power, negotiation power in life, love and relationships of all kinds!

Are you following me here peeps? Look, True Self Love is very, very healthy. It gives you self esteem, inner confidence which a lot of pickup courses are calling inner game and teaching you how to do it externally, which, really doesn’t work. Ok, let’s put it this way!

True, healthy Self Love = Self Esteem, Self Confidence, Ambition, Determination, Inner Game, etc. it’s the reason this guy consistently wins in everything he does from sports to business, sales, love, etc.

Love is The Answer!

Now, have you ever noticed how what other people say about others is really about themselves? We are living in unprecedented times. With the media, news, internet, we can now post our thoughts on a yahoo news article and blogs and everything. Have you ever noticed how you are about to post something very positive about the article and then you see someone else post the complete opposite?

Or how about this? Have you ever noticed how there will be an article on a famous sports athlete or actor, singer, etc and there will be a ton of negative comments? And yet you were about to post a positive thought or maybe you were going to post a negative thought and you saw some very positive thoughts. So, what is this really about?

It’s all about you and what you think about yourself within! And it is always expressed through your thoughts, ideas and opinions that you express all the time! And this applies to all those people posting on those chat boards!

Now, instead of getting mad at yourself, truly love yourself, truly forgive yourself and in a way, give yourself a hug, a thoughtful hug of warmth and love and just be accepting of yourself, because if you punish yourself, you are separating yourself from you!

Have you ever heard Jesus Say “I am?”

You remember they killed himself for this right? Well, what was he really saying? He was saying, I, my mind and Am, my body! If you have studied any form of Healing arts or therapy from Psychology to Hypnosis, to NLP, etc. you will clearly learn and know that humans are divided from themselves. Most of us punish ourselves to death! And thus get divided from ourselves.

They killed him because he was saying, I am connected to me! I am one! It’s all about becoming 1 with yourself. But, the problem is, other people can’t control you if you can, and I quote her, “THINK FOR YOURSELF!” Do you see that, get that? You think self! Mind thinks with self! You are now listening to your “SELF!” Now that’s where you get your power from! This is true Power! Your power! It’s yours, you were born with it! My entire course is about teaching you how to reconnect, tune in and be best friends, teammates with yourself!

A divided man is a weak, lost and confused man! A Connected man is a man of power who can achieve and succeed!

See, your mind is the I person! It is a real being.

And your body / heart is the Am being. And the 2 of you have to Love each other! In fact, that is what this entire journey is all about. For you to Fall in Love with Yourself! You + Self = I am! Thus you are whole and complete.

I won about 90% of all my competitions in Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling and Football. And I will tell you what. At the time, I Loved myself, talked to myself and together, we stepped into the ring of battle and we conquered as one! Now that’s Power. I will have to admit though, that the people I loved nad some friends did almost everything they could to divide me, not to mention other factors. And you know what? It worked, I was fooled, I was tricked by false love! I guess I had a lot more learning, growing and self love to do.

It practically crippled me for years and years. But, I have it back. I know what it is consciously now and I know how to reconnect and constantly strengthen that connection with myself! “I LOVE MYSELF!” And now I can Love you and build you back up to become one with yourself.

You have to Love your heart and body!

Now, why is this? Because the more you love you, the more other people can Love you! And women especially can sense this in a man powerfully! When a man Loves himself, he doesn’t let women walk all over him. He doesn’t let women jerk him around. He doesn’t let other people take advantage of him. Why? Because he loves himself & respects himself And that triggers her mating system to fall in Love with, be infatuated with and turned on by you! And a man who loves himself is going to be a better mate! And thus she will respect him better and be with a better man!
Have you ever heard, “If you can’t provide for yourself, how are you going to provide for anyone else?” See, if you can’t afford to take care of yourself, how in the hell are you going to take care of anyone else? You can’t!

It’s the exact same with Love!

If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you  going to be able to Love anyone else? You cant! You don’t even have enough love for yourself. You don’t even know how to Love yourself!

Now let’s take Kim Kardashian or Nicki Manaj or Rihanna and Chris Brown. All very, very controversial people. Or, take someone who you genuinely think is a really, really good person all the way around.

How many times have you been absolutely shocked at how some people will attack anyone for any reason? Even that great person who you sincerely, genuinely believe to be a good person. And yet people attack that person for no reason. So what is this really about?

Well, those people who have bad thoughts, opinions about others are really talking about themselves. They are indirectly expressing their views of themselves.

Have you ever had someone say bad things about you that just were not true at all? And yet they totally believed it no matter what you said. And worse, they admitted they had no actual evidence and even said, “Well, you can just tell you are that way!”

Well, they are literally expressing their own emotions, thoughts and opinions, and not yours. It’s them they are unconsciously talking about. Turns out that little childhood phrase, “I know you are, but what am I?” You know the old adage where the friend says, “You are what you say!” And you know what? Turns out they are right!

* Isn’t it kind of a trip that we as little kids on some level already knew this?

Sooooooooooooooooo what are you saying about others? And what is the energy behind it? Is it hate filled, angry, hurtful? Because it is all your energy about yourself. If it’s hate filled, then you have a lot of hate towards yourself. If it’s hurtful, then you are hurtful towards yourself. Think about it. When you make mistakes, are you kind to yourself, or do you say awful, horrible things to yourself? Now Stop it! And Love yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Be kind and nurturing to yourself. Be Good to yourself. And remember, the more gentle and kind you can be with yourself, the more gentle and kind you will be with others!

The energy/emotions you express are your emotions! Period! They are coming from within you!

I know, I know, it really doesn’t seem that it will make any difference, but it does. Sure, sure, it takes time, but so what! So start right now. Go to the nearest mirror and look yourself in the eyes, notice your eyes, smile, nose, wrinkles, whatever. And just tell yourself that you love yourself and you are doing the best you can. Say kind words to you! And do this a lot, every day and night and in between, because over time it really starts to change everything. Other people will begin to start treating you better. If you are a single guy, girls will start to smile at you! Etc.. Yes, this works for women as well. It even works for little doggies as well… hehe…

Right now a young, tiny little girl about 3 or 4 years old just sat down next to me with big bright, beautiful eyes. All wide eyed and sparkly. She is sooooooo curious and adventurous. When she was outside, she walked right up to this man and his doggie and petted the doggie and started talking to the man. Her dad was a bit surprised.

Then she came in and sat right next to me and looked right up into my eyes. So what did I do? I was gentle and calm and smiled gently back. So start loving yourself. Be Gentle with yourself. Be kind to yourself. And start feeling and saying and picturing good things for yourself and to yourself! Because, your “SELF”, your emotions, your body is young and open  and curious and adventurous like that little girl. She just wants to understand, learn and be loved. And so does your “SELF!” It’s just a tiny little child inside!

* Your “SELF” is very, very sensitive and needs to hear positive, loving things from you so desperately. Your self is just like that young, young little 3 or 4 year old girl. Stop hurting her within. She’s just a girl. Learn to love her and teach her. She wants to make you happy, she really does!

The Fact of the Matter, the only person who can truly Love you is you! When you start to Love yourself, truly love yourself, then you will have the ability to walk around with a bubble of Loving energy surrounding you and thus making the world a better place! And it will help other people to Love themselves and you as well.

Now, here is another powerful question. Have you noticed that people who love themselves tend to get what they want out of Life? At least a lot more than others? When you see Kim Kardashian, Chris Brown, Rihanna and yourself, do you see the Beauty in them? Well, if you want to help this world become a better place, then you better start… Because that is what’s wrong with the world.

* Remember, it’s not about being perfect, it never was! We are all learning and growing and at different stages. And that’s ok! We are all Artistic, Beautiful nad Amazing Master Pieces in the process of being painted.

I am going to stand up right now for you! Yes, right now! Whoever told you to not love yourself was making a huge, huge mistake! The very purpose God put you here was for you to remember how to love yourself! The more you learn how to Love yourself the more you allow others to love you and experience your love; thus making the world a more loving place for everyone!

Now back to single men! Do you really want to know the Secret to meeting all the Beautiful, sexy, cute girls in the world? Fall in Love with yourself so she can feel your love and fall in love with you! It’s a much healthier way to engage and meet someone on any and every level. And it make it soooooooooooo much easier to attract and meet anyone, including girls. Oh, and it’s a lot more fun too!

Rihana just came out with another amazing song – Diamonds “We are Beautiful like Diamonds in the sky!” And you know what? She’s right. We are all beautiful like diamonds in they sky!

I began to find that the more I actually started to love myself, the less I hated others who were rich and famous. I began to see how amazing they are. For example. Did you know how much Kim Kardashian made last year alone? OMG!!!

The reality starlet took the number two spot on this year’s Forbes’ list of the highest paid actresses on TV, raking in an astonishing $18 million last year, followed closely behind by younger sister Khloe Kardashian, who came in at number five with $11 million.
Source: Forbes

The fact of the matter is, she is a brilliant, brilliant girl, because there are thousands and thousands of other beautiful models and actress’s and actors trying to make this kind of money and they are not even coming close. She is a lot smarter than most people realize.

And you know what? She truly loves herself? Do you? How’s our bank account? See…

Like her or not, she is a freaking Genius at working it big time. Now that is an Entrepreneur right there.

Now another celebrity is Jessica Simpson. She is making a killing in the fashion industry. Guess how Much? In the Huffington post, it says she is set to make $1 Billion dollars! Hahahahahahaa… $1 Billion. And you keep calling her a ditzy blond! hahaha… Trust me, she and Kim are laughing all the way to the bank. And you are sitting there bitching! See how that works? I’m serious! Do you see how the Universe or life works now???? LOVE YOURSELF!!! And the world will love you back in many different ways!

So, again, my question to you: Do you Love yourself? Well you better get on it!

Now here is another thing. I noticed that I actually started having compassion for Kim Kardashian. I mean, I really never liked her or got her. But then something changed. I one day just stopped and I just looked at her and listened to her. For the first time I actually saw her instead of seeing her through all that fake Judgement of others or even mine. Seriously, for the first time I saw her. I really, really saw her. And I noticed, she has really cute, cute eyes. I Love them, they are so beautiful, amazing actually! Is she perfect? In the eyes of God, absolutely. God Loves her and all of us. I will tell you, there is a beautiful, beautiful girl inside Kim. And yes, she is learning and growing, just like the rest of us. Hating on her will only hurt yourself, because that is who you are really hating. It’s purely a projection of who you are within. So learn to love others and in so doing you have loved yourself. As Jesus said, “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you!” Now you know what that means!

And I began to notice how I almost began to fall in love with the beauty of others and myself! Something shifted, something changed. And all of a sudden life became beautiful. I finally, finally opened my eyes to see what I saw! Good or bad, ugly or pretty, I just looked at it with new, fresh eyes, for the first time. and all of a sudden I saw Beauty every where! Life is Beautiful! And that Beauty is everywhere! You just have to open your eyes.

Note: If you are struggling with life. If life is not Beautiful to you! Please, please let me show you how to open your eyes and see that life is truly, truly beautiful. It’s not too late to save this world. And it’s not too late to live a beautiful life with more riches in every way from being wealthy to love to beautiful women, people, etc. Life can be good.

I am not saying I am perfect. In fact, it’s not about being perfect. It never was. That was the mistake. It’s just about treating yourself with Love, respect and dignity, just being compassionate for yourself and others. When you make a mistake, don’t be so harsh! Just learn from it and be compassionate all the way around.

And remember, every single person is merely an extension of who you are! So Love them and in so doing, you are actually loving yourself. Trust me it is a much better way to live life and will change your entire world a lot faster than you may realize now!

Have you ever noticed that those people who truly love themselves on a deep level are so much more enjoyable to be around, but those people who don’t accept and love themselves are fairly negative with ugly energy and negative comments about everything?

Well, get away from them! Love yourself enough to get away from those negative, self hating people. You can’t make them love themselves and be loving or kind to others. That has to come from within themselves. They are going to have to do their own personal development and work on themselves. You can’t do it for them, so let them do their own work.

There is an Amazing song that just came out by Neo! It says, “Girl Let me Love you! Until you can love yourself!” Well, I am not 100% sure if this is how it works, but I do believe that loving others can eventually lead them to love themselves  or at least create a loving space so they can choose to love themselves, so eventually they can then love others and you as well. But that does not mean to allow them to abuse you or take responsibility for them learning how to love themselves and others. You simply have to learn to let go and allow them to find their own way.

I do know that for children, they do respond to being purely loved and can lead  into the world in this self loving way knowing they are Loved. But, eventually they have to learn how to Love themselves!

So remember, if you catch yourself kicking your ass and berating, belittling yourself, just be ok with it and gently start to say kind words to yourself. There’s not reason to get more mad at yourself for getting mad at yourself and then getting mad at yourself for getting mad at yourself for getting mad at yourself… Damn!!! That’s just a spin around the donkey show right there…. hahahaa…

So, Men!!! What is the #1 Key Secret to meeting the girl or girls of your dreams? And ladies and Doggies, this applies to you too!

Answer: Be in Love with yourself! Be good to yourself so she can feel your Love and fall madly, deeply, head over heals in love with your Love!!! Period end of sentence and they lived happily ever after!

Ok, I am tired… I will post the special prices for my 1 on 1 coaching, upcoming Private/Elite small group workshops and also my book.

I can tell you right now, my book costs $60 but I am going to lower the price to $25.00 and put that in the pay pal button later tonight. Right now, I need a break.

Self Love is Awesome! Remember, to say to yourself out loud, “I Love Myself!” hahaha… I say it all the time.  And I am always shocked at how many people try to chastise me for that. So i say, “Oh, so you want me to hate myself? Sorry, but to be sincere with you, I truly do Love myself! And that is a good, healthy thing!”
Ok, peeps, be back in a few hours!

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Ok, but first a few more Powerful and Amazing thoughts.

To the single guys! Look, the most Powerful form of Seduction is Self Love! A woman’s heart will absolutely melt and swoon when she finds a man who truly has a powerful form of genuine, healthy self love! So Fall in Love with yourself from your heart, not your ego! Ego is not Love!

See, if you truly, truly love and care for yourself, you will Care for yourself, love yourself and have self respect. And to any woman, that makes a man her King! And trust me, she wants to be with a King! So, Be her King and fall in Love with yourself! And ladies, be his King and Fall in Love with yourself! Note: I did not say be arrogant or bossy or controlling or negative in any way shape or form. This is not about Ego at all, this is about Genuine self Love! Now that’s Power! And other people will notice!

Now, I want to add 1 more thing.

When you have true, solid, powerful self love, all of a sudden the power is in your hands and not hers. Here’s what I mean. When you are In Love with yourself to the degree that she can’t use her love or sex or anything to manipulate you, because you Love yourself enough to not be jerked around, all of a sudden you have power over yourself! Now you can walk away from any woman or any person who isn’t treating you with respect and honoring you as a person.

Now here is the cool thing. A females mating system is wired to respond to be powerfully attracted to guys who are like this. See, these are the guys who don’t put up with women’s shit who disrespect them. These are the guys who speak up for themselves and value themselves and have strong boundaries, which are very attractive to women!

Ask any woman if she is looking for a guy she can walk all over, or if she would prefer a guy who has strong boundaries and stands up for himself! Trust me, every girl wants a guy who is a man who can say, “NO!” when she steps over the line! And, ask any therapist, this is the #1 Goal in therapy to get people to have self love and self respect so they can be healthy. Yes, I said healthy!

A healthy relationship is relationship where both partners respect, love and honor each other. And if you think she is just going to give that to you for no reason, you are dead wrong! You must learn how to assert yourself and expect and demand that others respect you! You do this and have strong, healthy boundaries, then you will create a happier and healthier relationship.

You can’t expect to create a healthy relationship when you are not healthy emotionally and or don’t love yourself or respect yourself enough to walk away from someone who is abusive or disrespectful. That is just not a reality!

Like attracts like! And that includes Love! Self Love Attracts Self Love!


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