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Dating tips for single men & Social Power! "This makes it super easy to meet and connect with women"


The Art of Romantic Seduction & Love!

“There is a Better Way!”

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Hi, My Name is Mike Kollin, Your Trainer.

“What is Crack the Female Code?”

Crack the Female Code is The Ultimate in attracting the girl of your dreams & creating a lasting relationship!  

There is literally a Hidden Code and series of Patterns that I will Reveal within my course that will Show you how to Open the door to her heart and teach you how to Romantically Lead her into a Powerful Sexual connection with you!

What is about to be revealed to you, will Shake the very foundation of  everything you have ever thought, believed or perceived about women and Awaken you to the World of “And & Both” and introduce you to your True Power!

This is a Complete System, a Synthesis and Blending of The Absolute Best in both Eastern & Western Psychology, Communication, Energy & Consciousness training and understanding women! This is a complete course on Romance, Love, Understanding, Communication and Yes, Romantic Seduction! This has taken me almost 2 full decades to create, put together and integrate in a way that she will appreciate and love you for. Giving you more power, more respect and more Love than you have ever had before Now!

This is the epitome of a Dating, Relationship and Personal Development course!

For the Single man, this will simplify dating, attraction & and give you the Power to meet the girl of your Dreams! 

This is the first course that actually makes it really easy and comfortable for you to meet girls in a Healthier, much more natural and genuine way without having to use lines, openers, tricks or non-genuine techniques at all.

There is something that Mother nature hid from the Male Brain!

Come Learn the Internal Way!

Learn how to “Turn her on with your Words Alone and not your Wallet!”

Come Learn:


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“There’s a Better Way!”

What we are trying to do hear at Crack the Female Code and MGK Enterprises is show you and tell you that there is a better way! You don’t have to manipulate, lie or make false promises or tell her stories to get laid or to create a deeply meaningful relationship!

And most importantly, it doesn’t have to be stressful to meet, approach and attract very attractive women. The reason men feel this way is simply because men are men. And thus men think the way men think. And you know what? That’s totally normal. I mean to a man! But to a woman, the way men approach, talk, ask them out, etc. is a total failure, confusing and at times actually terrifies women.

I know, I know, all this time you were just trying to be sweet and get a date, and actually compliment her. But, you have to begin learning how the female brain processes social interactions and seeing all of this from her perspective. And that’s where this all begins to reveal the Mystery of the Sexes! The Female brain and wiring are sooooooo different, that when you try to do something nice or complimentary, she may actually get hurt, upset, scared or flat out pissed off. So you better learn how to understand her system and what she feels to be natural and fun!

If you do, all of a sudden an entirely new dating world will open up to you! And suddenly it will become fun, almost effortless as my clients say! It’s almost as if you are not actually picking up on women at all… And that is The Mastery of my course and what Makes my course Stand Out! It takes all the pressure off of you and her!


There is an Answer!

And this is it! 


Leading her into Romance is easy once you know how.

Welcome to the Next Evolution in Dating, Relationships and Love! 

This is the Course of a Life time! This is everything you have always been Looking for in Understanding, meeting, attracting and making love to a woman!

This is a Classier, Healthier way of Meeting & Understanding women…

We have created and developed the easiest way to approach, meet and attract women to you. This takes all the pressure off of you and her! And makes it really comfortable to meet all the girls you want.

And we have also created the easiest way to learn how to actually talk to women, carry a conversation and comfortably know what to say next to lead her into a romantic and sexually fulfilling relationship or tryst/sexual connection with you… It’s easy once you know how!

What we have created is a very realistic set of teachings that show you the art of making a girl happy and the art of melting her heart in a way that is is very fun, easy and meaningful to her heart in a way that will make her want to open up to you and melt into your arms. Now what could be better than that!

She’ll be happy you learned this and approached her in this way! Trust me, women love this way of being approached… no more stress… just pure fun and her wanting to talk to you. That is what makes my course different. She will actually want you to continue talking to her because there’s a little hidden secret I installed in my course. And it’s like Candy to her… she’ll want more and more and more… :)

Love can be wonderful again!

The Power of Understanding women will change your entire life forever! 

The days of the pickup artist using Negging, cutting a girl down to give you higher status are all in the past because those are the negative ways to create higher status. We at MGK Enterprises & Crack the Female Code have finally discovered, realized what it is that has been missing in all of these other courses and what’s been missing between men and women, literally, since the beginning of mankind… And just as importantly what the higher purpose is for you having higher status… there’s something her mating system is testing you for. And this is not taught in any of the other courses.

The good news is, this is a lot more powerful, easier and comfortable to do for you and her. And this builds an experience and or relationship instead of cutting someone down like negging does…. Negging is a weak misunderstanding of what her system is really looking for and thus only works on younger women or women with lower self esteem and destroys a relationship from the very beginning because it’s based off of you cutting her down…

Do you want to learn this Hidden Secret she wishes you knew?

Crack The Female Code

With these Core Principles and these understandings, naturally building attraction in a healthy, natural way is now possible with the opposite sex. This is not pickup artist stuff. This is Core Teachings of what’s going on inside her system. And knowing this makes it much easier to meet attractive women and have a lot more relaxed fun with girls because it’s actually you being you in a natural, genuine way that women want in the first place! So now she likes you for who you are and not a bunch of pick up lines that are not you!

All you are learning is how to communicate and express yourself in a way that she can actually understand and relate to you!

These are Solid, Core Principles that can be Applied in every area of your life which improve your social position and ability to influence and get what you want. If you learn these principles, you can adapt and be more fluid and effective in a real life conversations for deeper understanding and fun and greater influence in every area of your life!

These are Consciousness teachings that build up the man to create greater confidence and gain more healthy levels of self esteem based on a few Core Understandings.

These are True Understandings, vs. relying on negging, that naturally attracts women to the Core of who you truly, genuinely are, instead of a bunch of memorized lines, gambits, tricks and shallow techniques!

In other words, my course teaches you how to communicate and connect with women from your Core, Genuine, True Self  so she is Attracted to the real you Vs. Relying on using a bunch of fake, prepared, pre rehearsed pickup lines which hurt and anger women because that’s not the real you! And this answers the dilemma of all these guys calling me and telling me how they can pickup a lot of women and fill their phones with numbers but can’t keep a girl and get into a long term relationship; because using tips, tricks and lines and things likes this gives a false sense of who you are. And a few weeks later, once she realizes this, it only pisses her off and leaves her angry and hurt feeling you lead her on! Get it?

Remember, these are real Core Concepts that if your mind internalizes can be adapted to real life situations and will serve you for life in every area.

These are not tricks but actual Real Life, Core Principles and Communication/Social skills that you can apply in every area, including business, sales, social situations on top of meeting women!


Meeting Girls is Easy Once You Know How!

Crack The Female Code

In my singles pickup courses, we teach you the Core of what it is she really wants and needs from you in order for her to feel attracted to you mentally, emotionally and sexually. The Good News is, it’s not negging and it actually builds you up instead of cutting her down! And also teaches you the #1 Key to Greater Social Influence that her mating system is looking for in a man! This is what triggers her mating system to chase you and attract you! This Flips the tables and changes all the rules! And puts the Power Smack, right into your hands in a way that entices her to Seduce you!

See, in my marketing, advertising, I have been attempting to get across one very, very powerful message!

The Female Mating system and emotional system are completely wired in a completely different way and go in a completely different direction to the male’s system. So when you try to do something, that do yo has a male think and feel is completely normal and positive, like giving her flowers, you suddenly find her angry or upset or runs away crying, throwing the flowers or gift onto the ground. And that’s why it’s so hard for men to understand women! Our communication systems are actually processing language, communication and body language in 2 completely different and foreign ways to each other!

So the way a man expresses his love to a woman is so foreign, odd and strange to her, that she actually believes that all he wants is sex! But she doesn’t’ realize that the way you express your love is deeply meaningful in the male world. No matter how hard you try to sincerely and honestly express attraction or love to a woman, as long as you do it in the male way, she will honestly think you don’t care about her as a person. And this is the Key Secret I teach in my course. How to communicate and express your love and attraction in a way that melts her heart from within in a deeply meaningful way that she can connect with mentally and emotionally so she will gladly make love to you!

So what we have to do is teach you this hidden, foreign way to the male brain, that mother nature hid from you! Yes, I am serious! Mother Nature purposely hid this hidden Secret way of expressing your love in a way that is deeply, powerfully meaningful to her!

And guess what? It’s not paying for dinner, paying for drinks, buying gifts or flowers! It’s free. And a lot easier than that. Again, all you have to do is learn how!


“Women actually wonder why men don’t use this form of Romantic Seduction”

Crack The Female Code

Soon This will be You!

See, women want to make love to you! That’s why they call it “Make Love.” Because it is the deepest form of expressing love possible. All you have to do is learn how! But before you get to that level, her system was hard wired to make sure that you are expressing your love in a deeply meaningful way that melts her heart… Once you learn how to do this, she will open up to you and connect with you sexually for a very, very Powerful, Deeply Meaningful connection with you!

There is an Actual Answer!

And it works!

Meeting, Understanding and Turning women on is easy once you know how! 

Crack The Female Code

This is much more Powerful than any other course you have ever taken on Dating, Relationships and Love! “And I’ll Prove it!!!”

This is The Holy Grail of Love and Relationships! You will see! Mark my words!

Learn how to Create Sexual Attraction by actually knowing The Secret to her heart and what triggers her mating system! Once you know how to do this, it’s all systems go. A life full of happiness, Love and tons of sexual Pleasure from within!

So come learn how to trigger that little sex kitten in the Hidden Female way! She wants you to be that man who is different who knows how!

Come learn the Art of Romantic “Female” Love & Romantic Seduction so she can connect with you in a Deeper way! She wants you to know how because it’s fun for her too! This is the Healthy way to attract, meet and build a relationship!

There’s a reason they call me The Love Doctor!

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Here I am with my little cutie from Heaven!!!

Soon this will Be You!

Crack The Female Code

Life, Love & Social Power Will all be yours Once You “Crack the Female Code!”

Come Now & Learn the Hidden Secrets you have always wanted to know!

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415 456 8558

There is a Better Way!

She wants you to learn how to play with her!

What the hell are you waiting for?
Seriously what? Call!


415 456 8558

Call and Ask for 1 Time Special July prices Now!!! 

1st – 3 clients get this 1 time only Special Price so call now: 415 456 8558

If I don’t answer, leave your name and number clearly and leave it twice!!!

If you have any and I mean any question on whether you can learn how to meet Beautiful, Sexy women, throw all of those doubts out the Window! Because all you have to do is learn how!

Call and lets talk!

See you soon!

These courses are now being taught right here in the San Francisco Bay area – in San Rafael, CA. 94901 Marin county. I also travel to Napa, Sacramento, San Jose, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, San Diego and more!

Give me a call for a “FREE” 30 minute phone consultation to get to know me, my business and my discovery better!

Mike Kollin, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author

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