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How to meet, attract and Love Women. Dating tips for men on how to meet women fast and comfortably trigger attraction in women! Also easily approach and start up conversations comfortably by learning Secret Key Patterns!

Elite Seminar Trainings  –  For Single and Divorced Men & Women

Quick Update for 2015 February!

Valentines Day Party

How To Meet, Attract & Love Women!

There’s a Better way!

Meeting girls is easy once you know how!!!

Come Learn the Hidden Secrets Mother Nature Hid from the Male Brain.

* The Power of Attraction
* Greater Social Power
* The Power of Influence

* Easily Learn the Art of Attraction
* Learn the Secret to Triggering her Mating System.
* Meet that Special Girl

* Have more Power in Dating & Relationships
* Save your Marriage
* Learn the Hidden Female Language and much, much more…

Powerful Secrets Make it really easy to Approach women, Attract and carry on conversations that actually put her at ease and relax her!

Come learn The Love Doctors Hidden Secrets that are only taught right here in my Courses!

#1 Valentine Party Feb. 14, 2015 after 6 p.m.
with Free presentation by me, The Love Doctor @

9 Game Zone
548 Contra Costa Blvd.
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

* This is a Brand New Club w/
Professional Pool Tables, Karaoke, Private rooms to rent for Karaoke & Parties, Chinese Tea
a Bar, Music with Live Dj’s and much, much more…

* Come by for my Free Presentation on how to meet that Special Girl. Teaching 1 Powerful Secret that night at 8 p.m. Show up at 7 or so and ask questions after presentation.

#2 Right now for Valentines special

I am offering a huge Discounted Price for small group
training for 3 to 5 men. Call and ask for 1 time only, never again, discount.
Remember, this is good for this month only and the first 3 guys who sign up get the deal… Normally my fee is $3750 per person. With this special it drops all the way down to $1,250 per person. + $125 Deposit!!

**** You Save $2,500!!! Yes, $2,500… That’s a Massive Savings. And this is a 1 time only deal!!!
First 3 to 5 guys guys who sign up get in on this once in a lifetime offer!!! Then That’s it!!

Yes, you get the full Training session that you would normally pay 3 times more for! This is a once in a life time deal for you only now!

* First 3 guys who get their deposits in, get this Special offer, then this price is gone forever!!!

Call now: show contact info Ask for Mike!

#3 Also, 1 time only training special for 1 on 1 Private Training Sessions!
I am offering my 1 on 1 coaching session for a huge discounted fee as well.
Normally I charge $375 per 3 to 4 hour session.

*** Now & Only now for Valentine Special, I am offering the same exact training
sessions for $175 for the same exact 3 to 4 hour sessions to the first 3 guys who sign up because that’s all I can fill into my calendar for this month! “Sign up Now before it’s gone!!” I will never Offer this special again, EVER!!! So Do It!!

*** This special comes with a 2 session per week commitment for 5 weeks = 10 full sessions!
You are saving $2,000!!!! Yes, $2,000…

Take advantage of this offer NOW!!!
*** First 3 guys who send in $125 deposit get this spot!
And then it’s gone forever!!! So sign up, Take Action and Make it Happen! You are Worth It!!!

*** All of these Offers end February 28!!! And that is absolutely Final…

* You also get 42 Page Training Manual with Trainings & Highly Specialized Training!!!

Call now and get in and change your life: show contact info

I am located in San Rafael California and will be doing Presentations in Pleasant Hill Ca..

*** Get your $125 Deposit in to Capture your Training!!!

Call Now, Right Now: show contact info Mike!

These are  a series of Powerful courses on how to comfortably approach, meet and Powerfully trigger attraction in women through understanding the Art of Romantic Seduction and Influencing women through body language, communication and understanding how to trigger her mating system to want to have sex,… with you!

These Courses will shock you and open your eyes  to what’s really going on, inside!

Your view of women will change for the rest of your life! And she will Love you for it!


#4 Small Group workshops for women on Understanding the Male Brain, Love and Communication. 

With any group of 3 or more women, 3 to 4 hours course to show you the Powerful Differences in how men and women process communication, receive love and are romantically seduced. He is not an idiot, he is just wired differently! Come sign up, better yet, bring a group of girlfriends and find out the real answers on what’s missing between the sexes and how to fix it so you can recieve all the Love & Emotional Fulfillment you Desire and Deserve, and alleviate a lot of pain.

Elite Seminars Dates for Spring 2015 Coming soon! Today is Feb. 11th 2015

Level I.  How the Female mind works – March 29, 30, 31

  •  $375 Per Person
  • 3 days
  • includes 3-4 hr classes each day
  • Full-color training manual included ($150 value)

Level II.  The Mystery Revealed – April 4, 5, 6

  • $375 Per Person
  • 3 days
  • includes 3-4 hr classes each day
  • Full-color training manual included ($150 value)

Level III. Class & Basic Live In-Field Training – April 12, 13, 14

  • $375 Per Person
  • 3 days
  • includes 3-4 hr classes each day
  • Full-color training manual included ($150 value)
  • Live In-Field Training included every day

Level IV: Elite Training & The Master Code – To be announced  = $425

  • Advanced In Field Training
  • The Master Code – My Secret Weapon

Level V: The Secret Key to Effective Body Language Secrets that turn her on!

To be Announced = $125

Level VI: My Secret Weapon to turn any woman on anywhere, any time! = $125

Level VII: Advanced Rapport Skills I will be teaching you and conditioning you in advanced Rapport skills you are not taught in any other courses, including advanced NLP/Hypnosis Trainings! These are the Hidden Secrets I learned from Buddhist Monks During my 8 year training.

  • $275
  • 2 Days
  • 2 hours Day training
  • 2 hours Night training
  • In this course we will immediately go out and apply, apply and apply what we have learned so it gets locked into your system and becomes automatic and comfortable for you to use!


* Special, Private, Elite 10 Sessions,  1 on 1 coaching Available. See Coaching page or give me a call.


Day Game Training Sessions June 8 & 9

Day Game uses a completely different skill set than night game! The way you approach and pick up on a woman at a coffee shop is not the way you pick up on her at a night club or bar. Don’t make the mistake of not learning this important skill set.

    • $425  –  $275
    • 2 days
    • 3 hour classes
    • 3 hour in field training
    • Includes Manual (Value $150)

* $125 Deposit – Non Refundable Deposit to hold your seat for all trainings!

Limited Seating – Call now to Reserve your seat: 415 456  8558

Classes will be small so you can get the most out of these courses. (3 to 7 people per course)


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