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"Deeper, More Emotionally Fulfilling Connections through a New Discovery in Male to Female Communication! THE ANSWER!!!

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Saving your marriage and bring the Love, Fun and Pleasure back!

“Hello!!! How are you?”

You finally made it! What took you so long? Yes, I am talking to you! Hahaha… I am not kidding! But hey, you are finally here! And the Answers you have been looking for are finally here on earth to help you and your husband, not only save your marriage, but to teach him how to melt your heart, open you up and bring you back into his loving arms through my New Discovery in Communication!

There has been a Hidden Teaching just waiting to burst forth unto this planet! I absolutely mean that! Now this is a long, long story, but for now, I have to tell you that you didn’t find my page on accident or come here by accident! I absolutely believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were meant to come here, that it is your time to have these Secrets be Revealed in a way that you and your heart can truly understand, relate to and grasp in just such a way so as to change your entire life and allow you to finally come from a place of true Love, Understanding & Healing!

It’s truly time to let the old wounds and all the confusion and misunderstandings and all the sadness and hurt from complete absolute blind misunderstanding finally heal.


Video #1 of  Love & Understanding for Men and women & Emotional Fulfillment! #1

I decided to simply write this from my heart and simply open up and just let it all out.

See, I grew up in a family with a father who loved my mother with all his heart and all of his soul. And no matter what he did, my mother would get mad and feel deeply hurt and would deeply, deeply cry! And, when I grew up, I struggled with relationships and no matter what I did, she would always get really, really hurt emotionally.

So many, many, many years later, my father burst out into tears one day when I was about 21 or so… And I had never seen my father cry. And he suddenly out of no where, he Burst out loud, “If God is so Great, then why did he make it so hard to Love a woman?” And, I didn’t have an Answer! He just sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. I was… I was… I was absolutely, completely lost and literally in shock… I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to say. In a Daze, I just walked off to church with this absolute, complete lost look in my face.

Something Big, something very, very, very Powerful happened inside me that day… My father was crying deep, deep from within his very soul… And to this day it hurt me, saddened me so deeply and made me so sad to see him cry like this, that I began searching for the answers to… to.. I didn’t know…

To Be honest, it practically drove me insane trying to find The answer. And at the time, I didn’t even know I was looking for it. It drove me so Powerfully, like a Tank on a Mission from Heaven & Hell, that I wasn’t even conscious I was looking for it. I prayed every day for decades. I began to study the Bible like my life depended on it and I didn’t even know why. As I look back, I realize what it was I was looking for. I studied it with such a fury, I would go without sleep, I began to read it and study it from a linguistic perspective. I bought Bible Dictionaries to study the different languages & Archaic words and wanted to know what did each word meant back in that time when it was written, because words change meanings over time. I bought a Key note Strong’s dictionary for the Old and New Testament. I bought a King James Word Book, and a lot more. I did everything in my power.

I began to pray devoutly multiple times a day! I began to meditate and literally mastered the art of deep, deep, deep mediation. I went to other religions, I studied Buddhism and a lot more… I even went to Hawaii for a 5 week training in New Discoveries in Communication, Psychology and the Powerful Hawaiian healing art called Huna! I began to learn different forms of breathing techniques to add power, gain peace and clarity and flow in my heart and energy!

I began to furiously study everything on Psychology and Human Behavior I could get my hands on, in college and out. I started to study NLP, Hypnosis, Time line Therapy, linguistics, body language, even Energy Healing for years and years and years, like a mad man! I was beyond a shadow of a doubt, absolutely driven to find “The Answer!”

And on Accident I found it! I actually found it! And i didn’t’ even know I was looking for it until I realized what it was I found! I found what men  and women have always been looking for and yet didn’t’ even know it!

My Destiny literally unfolded right there in front of my eyes!

And it’s right there, right in front of all of us, right in front of our eyes, but we can’t see it!

I’m going to show you how to see it! The teachings are fascinating and are going to shock you!

I stepped “Outside of The Box!” And I found it, because it’s not in the box!

The pieces were all over the place. Some were taught here, some where learned there and some were learned or taught… I don’t know how to explain that part. Some just came to me. I guess I started to see how it all fit together! And one day it just all came together and there it was, right in front of my face!

And no matter how hard I expressed this to people, they just didn’t get it. The only people who actually see or get it are the ones who come, usually out of desperation or after the divorce, deeply hurt and sad beyond belief, take my course with an open mind, willing to learn and see how the pieces fit together! Because you have to see & understand all the pieces, then put them all together and see the Bigger picture. And then it simply unfolds right before your very eyes! And suddenly you get it, you see what was missing!

I am so glad you found this page. And I am so glad to a level you can’t even imagine! So much hope, so much possibility right now for you and the rest of your life and everyone you touch from now on! Remembering what my father went through and my own struggles, some how came up right now, writing this to you!

Let’s do this! Let me, allow me the absolute Honor of Humbly teaching this Amazing Teaching to you so you can see how the pieces come together into an amazingly Beautiful picture of Happiness, Love and most importantly, Deeper, More Emotionally fulfilling and Meaningful Connections! There really is an Answer! And mother nature, literally wants you to know what it is! In all sincerity and respect, it really is time! It is time in our world and universe for men and women to see each other with complete clarity, love and understanding.

This is a course on Romance, Passion, Love and Consciousness! And it’s all done through a Hidden Secret in Communication. No! No! No! Not any kind of communication. That special, mentally stimulating and more emotionally fulfilling communication! Shhhhhh… he doesn’t know yet! Hahahaha…

No, seriously, he really doesn’t know! hahahaha… he has no clue what it is that you have been trying to get from him! You know, Love and emotional fulfillment! but, don’t be too harsh on him. He doesn’t know. No, it’s not because he is lazy or stupid! hahahaha… Yeah, you thought that, didn’t you? hahaha… you did!!!

See, men and women were literally wired so completely different from each other, that we were wired in the complete opposite direction Neurologically! I’m serious. The way we Fall in love, the way we communicate, the way we express our love and attempt to Romantically Seduce the opposite sex is so foreign and odd to each other that we have no clue we are hurting them!

Yes!!!! That’s what I have been trying to say! When men try to deeply, deeply express their love from their heart, from the very core of who they are, in the male form, it hurts women deeply! And he is absolutely lost and doesn’t understand why! So, he works harder and does it more and bigger and spends more money on you and buys more things! He literally doesn’t know, because he is not made the way you were made!

As I always say to my clients. A bird is a bird and a fish is a fish! Neither one is wrong, they are just different! That’s all. But, in my course for men, I teach men these hidden secrets to stimulating you mentally and fulfilling you emotionally and then romantically Seducing you in that special, FEMALE WAY!!!

See that’s what I am talking about. There is a male way and a female way for everything but we just assume they think like us, communicate like us and express their love like us. They don’t!!!

We speak 2 completely different sub languages and process communication and body language in 2 completely different parts of our brains! Thus we are literally speaking 2 completely different languages as different as Spanish and English! We are not saying the same things at all.

See, You say A. from your right brain and then he processes it through his left, logical brain and the brains processor gives it a completely different meaning! So, you say A. but he hears B. the opposite of what you are saying! And, he does this in all those Love & Relationship courses you have taken him too! He’s not hearing what they are saying. They are saying A. but he is taking it over to his left brains processor and hearing B. And what’s worse, he truly, truly believes he understands you or the seminar speaker, but he doesn’t!

Sound Frustrating? Sound like your life? Well, there’s hope my friend. I have figured out a way to teach men how to open up to their right brain and understand the mentally stimulating and emotionally fulfilling “INTERNAL LANGUAGE!!!” Yes, that’s the name of the right brain’s female language! Guess what the male language is called? Yep! It’s called the “Logical, linear, External language!” Sounds freaking romantic doesn’t it! hahahaha.., (sarcasm)

And guess what? Our mating systems are wired to 2 completely different parts of our brain! Hmmmm… I wonder if this is why he just doesn’t get it when it comes to that Deeper, more Romantically Seductive form of communication that melts your heart and turns you on so powerfully? You know, I have to say, “Yes, that is why!!!

The Female mating system is directly connected to her Right Brain, the Emotionally fulfilling processor! Thus she needs this mentally stimulating and more emotionally fulfilling form of Romantic Seduction through Communication! Thus, communication is extremely powerful and has a very important part in Relationships for women! But not men! Sorry!

Now right now, men are saying: “What? Communication? Communication? What the hell does communication have to do with anything? It’s all about Looks!”

And you know what? He’s right! For him, it’s all about Looks! Why? Because his mating system is directly connected to his optic nerve! So he is Romantically seduced Visually. And he thinks you are too. Talking, talking, what the hell does talking have to do with anything? hahaha…

*** See, the problem is, we are trying to seduce, turn each other on the way we are turned on! Not the way they are turned on! And we are doing this with expressing our love for each other too. That’s why we both feel so empty and alone and not loved or cared for. But, there is an amazing answer for all 3 levels, mentally, emotionally and physically!

And that’s why men think it’s all about his wallet! He thinks, “Well, if I buy her a more expensive dinner with a more expensive piece of dead meat on at a more expensive restaurant that uses all those expensive plates and shiny silverware with a candle, she is going to get really horny!” hahahaha…

You think I am kidding? I’m not at all… hahaha… We think, “OK, I have to get a nice haircut, put on my new shirt, get my car cleaned and waxed, buy her a gift, pay for dinner, etc. etc.” All visual, visual, visual. (And no, for all you NLP buffs, I am not talking about the predicate system or deep love strategy at all. This is entirely different!)

But, but, there is literally an answer to fulfill both men and women’s needs! I actually teach men how to open up to their right brain and learn how to speak the female language, the “Internal Language!”

Warning: When you say Communication and he says or agrees, Communication, he thinks you mean proper English/communication as in proper sentence structure, grammar and talking! See, he is hard wired to be stuck in his left, logical, male brain. So when you use right brain terminology, he processes it through his left brain and hears proper English and grammar. As one of my clients who had his masters degree in communication said, “Well, if it’s all about communication, I should be great with women because i have my  masters degree in Communication!”  I giggled… hahahaha…

And I said, “No! Not that kind of communication, that’s logical, left brain communication, that’s why you are on your 3rd divorce! I am talking about the Right Brain, “Internal Language”, the Mentally stimulating and emotionally fulfilling language that she truly desires! Sure, dinner is nice, but if that’s all you give her, she will suddenly be tired or have a headache after dinner!” (Yes ladies, you know what I mean! hahahaha… )

So I then began to proceed to teach him the Right Brain’s “Internal Language.” And this Harvard, Berkeley, Standford Graduate with 3 Masters Degrees suddenly began to see the Big Picture after just a few more sessions!

He was another very, very successful, confident, intelligent and rich male who thought it was all about the Visual External male way! See, what men value is what’s on the outside, because the male brain is the External, Visual, logical brain. You know paying for expensive dinners, flowers and paying for expensive gifts, external stuff, etc. I showed him it was a lot more than that. It was about Deeper Connections through this special “Internal” form of communicating. I taught him how to Look within because the Female form of Love and Romance is “Internal!”

You have no idea what is finally, in store for you! I am Profoundly, Absolutely Excited Beyond belief for the journey we are about to take in these teachings I have in store for you! You are going to laugh. You are going to cry from sheer laughter at what men think is love and romance! Hahahaha…

This Course was Created for You!

I mean that. This entire course was designed, developed from the very core for you, the female to teach men how to Understand you, Love you and Communicate in that deeper way for your fulfillment!

What you are about to learn, see, hear and discover for yourself I absolutely with all my heart and soul, guarantee you that this course will shake the very foundation of everything you have always thought, heard or felt about the opposite sex!

Mother Nature purposely hid these 3 keys from men and women. And it has caused a ton of pain. But, believe it or not, but she did it to help us to learn, to grow and to move forward as a human race!
I say, “Welcome and thank you for honoring yourself and my course by reading this far.”

This isn’t a sad course at all. In fact, this is the definitive course on Male to Female Communication. Mentally stimulating and emotionally fulfilling communication! This is going to be the most rewarding and emotionally fulfilling and meaningful course on Love and Understanding you have ever taken!

This is a course on Love & Understanding from a Core, Core level! And this teaches men how to communicate in that Deeper, more Romantically Seductive way that you love so much! But first we need to get you on track to Understanding these missing pieces. So lets take a fun and exciting Journey into the mind and hearts of ourselves and our loved ones!

This is an extremely exciting and absolutely mind blowing/amazing course that will absolutely fascinate you beyond belief and open you up to a New Level of Understanding & Consciousness. It’s time to open up to What’s really going on!

Mother Nature hid 3 Powerful Keys to Helping men and women understand each other, get long and create deeper, more emotionally fulfilling connections to a more meaningful and fulfilling life together!

Without these 3 keys, you are dead in the water! And no one else is teaching these 3 Secret Keys!


Give us  a call now and let’s get the fun going.  415 456 8558.

Welcome Home to: Happiness  – Love – Healing – Fulfillment

The Answer!

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