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Professional Dating & Relationship/ NLP Coaching

Hi, My name is Mike Kollin!

NLP Trainer & Master Hypnotherapist & Professional Dating & Relationship & Pickup Artist Coach.

I am a Master Coach with over 41 Certifications in NLP, Hypnosis, Linguistics, Personal Development and Male to Female Communication, Professional Hypnotic Sports Coach and much, much more.

I have also Trained Professional Fighters, Boxers and Kick boxers on the Top levels; National and World Champions! You will find that I am a mix between the Absolute most Determined Boxing Coach on the Planet and a Master Mind behind changing your thoughts, images and beliefs.

When it comes to Understanding, Loving, Seducing, and Getting & Keeping the Girl you will not find anyone better on the planet! Not even Tony Robbins! Bold? Because it’s true! You Will see!! This I can Promise!!

Are you ready? I’m Serious! Because you are about to begin an Epic Journey that will “LITERALLY” Change your reality for the rest of your life! Every single client, who has come to me and completed my 10 session Training Package, has absolutely changed beyond anything they could have ever fathomed… Their entire perspective on Women, Power & What Love truly is shifted 180 DegreesFull Spectrum

This is the Place where you Begin The Journey!

I can only promise you this! This will not be an Easy Journey! What you are about to begin will the one of, if not the most challenging things you will ever do in your entire life! And I can not make you do the hard work! I can walk you through it, show you how, simplify it and even make it as easy as possible, but ultimately you have to take the steps and be fearless for what you are about to learn will change everything you have ever believed, thought or perceived. This is The Game Changer! And this will change your perspective COMPLETELY! 180 Degrees

There is a Decision you have to make right now! Are you Ready for this? Because if you are, a Doorway to your Heart and your Soul will Open and you will find A form of Power Within you that you never even knew existed!!

“Your Life Will Change”

I am “ONLY” here to get Results!!! So you Better Bring Your “A” Game!!! Because this is where Your Life Changes!! Ready? Here we go…


You Give me your Best and I’ll give you my Absolute Best! And together we will get Results and move your forward into the fast lane!!!

You Deserve a Better Life!!! And you Deserve it Now!!

So, you want to Be The Man she can’t stop thinking about!!

This is your Ultimate Resource in getting the absolute most out of my course “Crack The Female Code” and “Getting the Girl of your Dreams!”

This course will Unleash your HIDDEN Internal Power and Open you up to a Greater, Much more Powerful way of “Being” so you can “Get the Girl & Keep the Girl!”

“Crack the Female Code” is the Ultimate in Making her actually want to Be with you, talk to you and keep you with her forever!

You have one chance! And this is it! There is no other course on the planet like this, I guarantee that!!!

Make her Chase you! Make her want you! Make her Love you once again!

“Crack the Female Code” is a Unique blending of Western and Eastern Psychology and Philosophy, with an actual step by step action process to getting more of what you want = Real Life Results!

Gold Package Includes

 My Master Code & My POWERFUL Y1, Y2, Y3 Technique

 10 Session Starter Package Deal

I. Gold Package – On Sale for July 4th Special!

Save $1,500 with this Package 6/21/2015 Limited offer

Normally  $375 per 3 HOUR Session! = $3,750 for Package!

Now, only $2,200 for complete Package!

Now Only $225 per 3 Hour Session w/Package deal. Save a Ton of money right now before this Limited 1 time special is over! ( You Save $1,500 with this Package Deal, plus you get a ton of Additional $$  Savings & Bonuses I list below right here!)

In this 10 Session Package you get:

: 7 Full – 3 Hour Sessions + 3 Live in Field Training Sessions

: 2 + Sessions Per Week (Mandatory)

: Email support – Free (Normally $25 per 5 emails)

: Phone support – Free  (Normally $125 per hour)

: My Personal – Complete A to Z Training Manual to take home with you! – Free $125 Value

: Plus My Biggest Hidden Secrets I only give to those who Complete My 10 Session Course!

#1 The Master Code – My Powerful Secret that simplifies it all!!

This is flat out a Monster when you have this in your Hands to use!!! 

#2 My Powerful Secret that makes is super easy to Fill her heart with love! My Y1,Y2,Y3 Technique! 

This is the only way to truly show a woman you love her without wasting any money on her! You want to give her a gift? Then you better understand how to use this technique otherwise she will resent you and think you are trying to buy her love! Stop! Stop! Stop buying gifts and wasting your money!!! With this 1 single, simple understanding and technique you will Be the Man!!! You will understand why simply buying and giving her a gift is not only a waste of money, but will also piss her off! Come learn how to do it the right way! She’ll give you a gift in return! hahaha… 

#3 You not only get the Greatest Course on Understanding, Loving and Seducing women for a better relationship, you also get a Trainer who knows how to help you deal with your own personal issues. I am highly trained in Psychology, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time line therapy and other Healing arts. Whatever your personal issue is, I can help you with that as well… So be assured, you are in Good Hands.

#4 Everyone and I mean everyone has a stuck area where no matter how many courses you take or no matter how many techniques you learn you still simply can’t get the results you desire! Well, no More! With my training and my course we will find what area’s you are challenged in and we will put you right back on track where you belong!


Money Back Guarantee for 10 Session Package!

If after the 3rd session, you are not 100% completely satisfied, and Clearly See where we are going and why this is so Powerful, you get your money back minus the Non refundable Deposit!

$125 Non-Refundable Deposit

Other Options

* Coaching Fee’s & Phone Sessions: $125 per hour

II. Individual sessions

1 Session 3 hours = $375

* Note: After you take my course, the sessions remain the same cost as they were in your 10 session package deal!


III. Sampler Package

Ok, so you are not sure you want to make a real commitment. So I have decided to make you the Sampler Package!

3 Sessions =  3 hours each = $1,125 Value

+ 1 In Field Session = $375 Value

3 Phone calls = $15 Value

Unlimited emails

Total Value = $1,515

Cost = $750 for Sampler Package of 3 = 1 in field session!

You save $765

* Note: You do not get to keep the manual with Sampler Package.

* After you complete any seminar training each session = $250


Testimonial just received yesterday:


“Hi Mike!

I feel really good!!!!! Had a date with this very cute girl last night. I feel really good, because I was being internal. I was not pushing or pulling I was just being, and it felt great. I am feeling that groove just happening in my life that I had avoided for soooo long. I owe a lot of this to your teachings. Thank you!!!!!”

David G.  Entrepreneur / Financial Investing student

There is a Better Way!

Come Learn The Master Code

And Sincerely Live the life of your Dreams!

415 456 8558

There is an Answer!

Soon, This will be You!

This will be you!

 Meeting women is easy once you know how!


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