Coaching Fees

Private Elite Coaching

Private Elite  1 on 1 Coaching 

  $175 upon first meeting – Non-Refundable Deposit!

  $3250 – 10 Session Mandatory Starter Package!

Private Elite  1 on 1 Coaching  = $375 per 3 HOUR Session! Now Only $175 w/Package deal!!! Save a Ton of money right now before this Limited 1 time special is over!!

* Special Christmas Prices right now, Call and ask 415 456 8558          Big Savings! Starting 11/20/13

Phone Sessions: $125 Per Hour


Money Back Guarantee for 10 Session Package! If after the 3rd session, you are not 100% completely satisfied, and clearly see where we are going and why this is so powerful, you get your money back minus the Non refundable Deposit!

This is a Powerful Life Changing Elite Course that will Massively Shift your Core Paradigms when it comes to understanding women, Loving women and Melting her heart. This is a Game Changer and will change everything. You are about to enter a New World of possibility and Powerful Results. This is what she wants you to know that makes her feel sexy and have fun with you! This is The Right way women wish you knew!! So come learn how Now!!!

* Note: Remember, my Core Course and Concepts are the complete opposite of anything you have learned or heard in any other course or teachings on Male to Female interactions. These concepts will open your eyes and show you what’s missing in all the other courses and what’s not being taught in those courses! My Course  simplifies the process of Understanding women by seeing the Core Pieces so you can meet the girl of your dreams and create Romantic Connections Fast!

* If you are married, this is your last chance at saving your marriage! You’ll see why in the course!

Call now: 415 456 8558 and change your life by shifting your Core Paradigms.


2013 Elite “Crack the Female Code” Winter Seminars


Level 1 – Female Psychology 

Level 2 – Opening your mind 

Level 3 – Triggering her Mating System by understanding how to Love her!

Level 4 – Live In Field Training 

Level 5 – The Master Code -

Level 6 – Live In Field Training -

More Power! More Pleasure! And More Fun!

There is a Better Way!

Come Learn The Master Code

Life, Love & Social Power Will all be yours Once You Crack the Code!

Sign up “Now” for your Life Changing Transformation!

For Dating, Relationships and Social Power

Call Now:

415 456 8558

There is an Answer!

The Master Code

Soon, This will be You!

This will be you!
 Meeting women is easy once you know how!


Serving the San Francisco, Bay area and Northern California areas: San Rafael, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento and Southern California, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

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