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It's about " Making Life Meaningful Again" Love, Communication & Understanding! There is simply to much pain in the world right now. And a lot of it is simply do to complete and total misunderstanding. To much fighting, too much hurt and pain and suffering on all levels. Men and women simply do not understand each other at all. When I say we literally speak to completely different languages, I mean it! See, one of the things that most people simply do not understand is that the only way to end the wars outside is by ending the war inside!!!


What is Love & Communication? Talking? Romance? Seduction? Sex? What women don't understand, is that men do not understand there is actually a Hidden, Female Language! What women also don't understand is that men don't know that they don't know this. And that men don't know that Communication "Literally" is a Hidden form of Powerful, Romantic Seduction that turns women on Fast, Powerfully and is very, very Erotic to her!!! Communication to women is the equivalent of Pornographic movies to men, except: Male Porno is Visual Female Porno is Auditory Now why is this? The Female Mating system is directly connected to her


"Step into your Power" And Live an Awesome Life! I don't know why, but I don't really tell anyone about what happened to me at all in my life! I will tell you this, it has been a lot. And the severe pain has actually caused me to become a much more Powerful Person. I will tell you one of the medium things that happened to me. You might think it's one of the worst or most severe but not by far. But it did finally teach me 1 Huge Life Lesson! To stand up,


The most Romantic thing in Relationships is "Understanding" And that is what "Crack The Female Code" is all about... but... Ok, so what am I saying when it comes to dating, relationships and understanding women? I am in a very indirect and direct way, "Women will have sex with you if you truly understand her from your Right Brain. And this is KEY!!!" When you understand a woman from your Left Male Brain, "YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND HER!!!!" Period... The cool thing is,


"How do you Meet Women?" Dating & Relationship Coach Mike Kollin   Burn it to the Ground!! Just like the Phoenix Rising, first you have to burn your old ways to the ground. Then you can start anew, fresh and build a solid foundation on correct understandings and teachings. See, the way men and women interact is from a place of lack, from a place of total and complete misunderstanding based on the way we, individually are wired, which is the complete opposite way they are wired... For example! The #1 Core Teaching in my course is "Internal Awareness"


Stop Getting your Ass Kicked in Dating & Relationships!!! One More Round!!! As my former coach Jacob "Stitch" Duran use to say to me in between rounds, "Come on Mikey, You've got this, "One More Round." And you know what? He was right!!! I could go 1 more round. And he could stop that bleeding to give me that one more round... I can't tell you how grateful I am to him for saving more than a few fights by stopping the bleeding... he's one of the best cut men in the world. Period. As I


Communication + Understanding = Love - Dating & Relationship Coaching I am reading a great business  book recommended by a Business Consultant who charges $1,000 an hour. It's called Blue Ocean Strategy. I highly recommend it! Where I am at, it's asking a Key Question. "Which Factors should be raised well above industry standards?" My course answers this question. In my Industry you are constantly fed what to do and how to do it but not about the #1 most important thing! Because they don't know how to do it and are not aware of what it is. Most Dating and Relationship


See the Patterns of Life, Romance, Love, Seduction & Power!!!  I have studied Psychology, human behavior, NLP Neuro-Linguistic programming, Hypnosis, Energy Healing, The bible like my life depended on it for over 3 decades, linguistics, communication, biology, Fighting, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, Wrestling, Football, music, guitar, piano, classical guitar, key progressions, music theory, art, speaking to a crowd, etc. and a whole to more... Over the last 25 + years I have coached professional fighters, athletes, business men, business women, and coached thousands


How to Pick up, Meet Women & Use Romantic Seduction Effectively!! Maybe I'll write a blog on this... I recently emailed back and forth with a client of mine who bought my book "Crack The Female Code".   He was so impressed by the book that he called me and is set to flying out to California to complete the Real 10 session Training on "Crack The Female Code." How to meet women better than a pickup artist. The course sells itself. Since then he has


"Meet Amazing Asian Women in San Francisco" Romance, Love & Dating Coach One of San Francisco's greatest Assets are it's Beautiful Asian women.   Beautiful, Talented, Intelligent and some of the Happiest, funnest women you will ever find. They can be Aggressive, Ambitious, Loving, Kind, Loyal, ok, well maybe not loyal. hahaha... They can also kick your ass mentally, emotionally and some times, yes, even physically... Online dating as I have posted can be a real pain in the ass and take up a