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Emotionally Fulfilling Love & Communication for Valentines Dating & Relationships!! 2016 Stop the Pain I got involved in helping people a long, long time ago. I just wanted to make a difference. A lot of friends, clients and acquaintances over the years have asked me, "Why did you get into this business? What got you into this business?" And my answer is always the same... I just don't want to see people suffer needlessly!! I watched my mother and father tear each other apart and destroy each other. And it was all because my mother simply could not understand how much my father loved her


Awesome New Testimonial on my #Dating Tips Book "Crack the Female Code" Here it is, an Awesome, one of the Best Emails I just received from someone who just bought my book and finished "ONLY" the first 2 parts!! He bought my book "Crack the  Female Code with a Package deal which also includes the Bonus section, and my New Book on body language, how to know if a girl likes you made simple "Sex Signals" mike thanks for the quick reply. I downloaded the mystery revealed 1 and 2 and bought the package that had the sexual body language


"Open your Mind & Step into your Power!!" Beyond Dating & Relationships When the Heart Rules the Mind! I am listening to a song right now called When they Heart Rules the mind by a Band Called GTR from the 80's. It's very, very inspiring & Extremely Powerful... A lot of people want more Power! And there's nothing wrong with that. So you want Power??? Well, you can have it, all of it! A lot of my clients are shocked and surprised at what my course is really all about. And every, Every, Every Great Teacher has spoken and taught these teachings to


Mike Kollin Receives 2015 Best Businesses of San Rafael Award Life Coach Dating & Relationship Coach YES!!!! I Just won my 2nd Business Award this year!!! Here it is! This is the Press Release that they wrote up for me to use!! Freaking Awesome!! Best Businesses Rewarding the Best in Business Phttpr:e// Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Mike Kollin Receives 2015 Best Businesses of San Rafael Award San Rafael Award Program Honors the Achievement San Rafael, October 28, 2015 -- Mike Kollin has been selected for the 2015 Best Businesses of San Rafael Award in the Life Coach category by the Best

Fastest, Easiest Way to Meet girls! NLP Trainer, Hypnosis, PUA, Dating Tips Coach Mike Kollin San Francisco

Fastest, Easiest Way to Meet girls! NLP Trainer, Hypnosis, PUA, Dating Tips Coach Mike Kollin San Francisco Kevin D. Testimonial on my Book "Crack The Female Code" Dating & Relationship coaching tips!! "I love the psycho puppy part! Freaking great, so true. Man, I love how you break it down, and make it so plain and clear with your words. really good stuff" Kevin D. This is just another guy who read my book and changed his life! I personally like how he mentions how I make it plain and clear in my book!! Buy my Book now "Crack The Female Code" And take your First


#4 Fastest, Easiest Way to Meet girls! NLP Trainer, Hypnosis, PUA, Dating Tips Coach Mike Kollin San Francisco Hello everyone How are you all doing?? This has been an Awesome, Awesome Month for us here at MGK International Dating and Relationship Coaching Business! Here is a Client of mine who just Had a Mind Blowing Experience by shifting completely and opening up to seeing the world from consciousness and much greater Awareness using all of his brain. What I did was walk him through to open up to his entire Brain, Lower reptilian, Left logical and right spiritual emotional Brain!


Fast Start 7 - Training Fastest, Easiest way to Meet Women Event Oct. 29th 2015 Meet women $777 Brand New Event this month Oct. 29th, 2015 This is the Best Deal you will Ever Get!!!   I continue to hear from a lot of guys how my course is too expensive and it's a Big Commitment to complete a 10 day training!!! So We, here at MGK International Decided to Create a Rock Solid Event that will teach you a Huge Part of My course at a Great Price


Left Brain, Right Brain Communication for Dating & Relationships! San Francisco Hello everyone how are you all doing on this Beautiful and Sunny day in Sunny California! The weather here has been absolutely Amazing!!! And that's what I would like to teach you how to do in your Dating and Relationship lives. There is a much better way to understanding the opposite sex in way that clarifies communication and makes Romantic Seduction a lot more fun and enjoyable for BOTH Sexes! As I have said in


Success is in the Head & Happiness is in the Heart Please watch this very short and simple video on the most important thing in the world and what this is all about! A lot of people walk around angry and frustrated because they are stuck in their head. Their energy literally is not flowing. Now this man does not teach you how to open up, but he does have the right idea, for sure!!! Each and everyone of my courses are about you being you, which is coming


"GREEEEEEEEEAAAAT BOOK!!!" Crack The Female Code Dating tips Pickup Artist San Francisco Ok guys!! I have told you about my book and how Awesome it is!!! And once again, I got another email tonight when I walked in the door at Midnight that blew me away and made my night!!! I am telling you, I absolutely Promise you, this Book will Blow your Mind!!! I am constantly receiving emails from grown men, guys in their 20's, married, single, divorced who all tell me how Awesome, amazing, great my Book, "Crack the Female Code" is... Read the Message I