Here is a Phone message someone left after buying my book online and reading it!

Take a listen and at the end I play the actual phone message on here!

“You have very interesting stuff Here that you don’t find in any other programs out there. And I just want to let you know that your stuff is Genius. It’s really something out of this world. I’m reading your books right now. I ordered it not to long ago. I really opened up ugh to a New World as I’ve said before!”

– Charles G. Professional Consultant
Los Angeles, Ca.

Purchase “Crack The Female Code” Here: http://mikekollin.com/books-and-resources/



Purchase “Crack The Female Code” Here: http://mikekollin.com/books-and-resources/

“This course is about the Core of understanding women from the inside out!
It’s like learning from the roots & trunk out, by understanding the (Base) Deep, Core concepts from within. So you can see what’s going on inside vs. all the other courses that blindly teach you from the outside looking in. That’s like trying to understand the tree from studying the leaves. And that’s just like when they throw a bunch of techniques & tricks at you, leaving you confused & not really understanding the core concepts behind the techniques or why they work! This is what makes Mike’s course different & stand out from all the rest. This course teaches you how to see & understand women from the inside out! This is why Mike’s Course Works! I highly, highly recommend Mike’s teachings! Save yourself a lot of time and money! Do it the right way the first time! Take Mikes course now.”

– A.V. Video & Photography Professional
San Leandro, Ca.

I asked a former client recently what it was about my course that he liked so much, because recently he got back in touch and kept telling me how much his life has changed. Here’s what he said:

This is a Great client who has learned the art of communication.


“After taking your course, in the first year, I have dated and had sex with more girls than I have
ever had sex with in my entire adult life! This stuff works almost like magic!”

Mark S. San Diego, Ca
Counselor and Career Coach
Master’s Degree in Psychology from U.C. Berkeley 36 years old.






Here is a series of emails from a client who bought my book in the Pre-Release stages.

I was mailing it out in Sections. Here’s his response/our interaction:

Monday, August 20, 2012 12:27 PM

I gotta get the rest of it man! Good stuff so far.
Cool… The next section I am working on right now is
pulling together really well.. a lot better.
Mike Kollin
Tuesday, August 21, 2012 2:12 PM

Will the book still be ready at the end of the month?
Tuesday, August 21, 2012 8:29 PM

I am going as fast as I can…
What I am getting done right now is really good.
So be patient, I don’t want to rush and screw it up…
Thank you very much!

Mike Kollin

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 8:38 PM
Awesome man.
Don’t leave us hangin’ brah!
Mike Kollin
Thu, Aug 23, 2012 at 5:12 PM

Aug 23

Youre absolutely right about men getting more peripheral post sex. Speak the truth Mike!

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If you have not bought my book yet or have taken my courses on how to Understand women, Love women, get along with women and make women very, very happy, then you are clearly missing out on the New Revolutionary way that will change your dating and marriage life.

There are 3 Keys that Mother Nature hid from the male brain on how to Love women and Romantically Seduce women. And, this is exactly what women want you to learn.

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MGK Enterprises and Caveman Technologies

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These are purely spontaneous testimonials from emails about my Newly released book, “Crack the Female Code!”


#1 Hey mike still reading your book it’s taking me a little long, but i will get on it. Half way done from section 2. How much of it can u apply in the field or does it require infield coaching also because I don’t get back to bay area for. 4 months. I leave Cali Monday to Washington for 4 months and was wondering what other options/resources I have and what from the book r the most crucial things i should study. I find predicate system and female ovulation cycle and how to spot it fascinating.

Thanks mike  (Note: His name is Mike too.)


This is a Great client who has learned the art of communication.



Hey Mike, How are things going?  Part IV is totally awesome.  I’m about one third of the way through.  I’m experimenting with some of the ideas for writing online profiles.





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Mike Kollin

Hi Mike! My name is Tina S. and I found you on youtube. I must say I agree with everything your saying except the part where a man shouldn’t pay for the dinner on the first date. If a man did that to me I would feel like he’s being greedy, cheap or insensitive. But anyways I 100 percent agree with you on connecting with a woman correctly! I YEARN for that in a man. I just want him to COMMUNICATE with me so I FEEL SAFE! Every boyfriend I had made me feel uneasy just because he never knew how to make love to my ear. I feel sad that men don’t get it and at the same time I feel for them because I see they want to make me happy emotionally but they don’t know what to do. I’d like to take your course to see if i’d like my next guy taking it also before we start our relationship. I guess alot of men now a days don’t have a father figure that was sucessful with woman and as a result their son’s don’t know any better either. If you can send me information on your next course is i’d love that. Also I live in New York i’m not sure if you do long distance courses, please let me know how I can take your course and your price please.


Thank you very much

Tina (:

Guys, as you can see, this is something that women actually want and enjoy from men. There are 3 hidden keys to truly understanding women. These keys were hidden from the male brain by Mother Nature on Purpose and I will clearly show you. Right now, my book, “Crack the Female Code” is on sale $60, now only

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Mike Kollin

Hello there.
I don’t remember if I announced it, but earlier this year, I talked to Allen who
is the infamous Dateless/virgin, and he told me he got engaged. I recently found out
that he also got married a few months ago. Again I don’t know if I announced this, but thought it was worthwhile because it really proves how powerful this course and these teachings are.

I have personally met his young lady and she is hot and super, super cute! The cool thing, is she is exactly what he was looking for. He and I talked about his type and what he is wanted and she fit the bill perfectly!

So, if I haven’t already posted it, Congratulations to Allen and his new wife!
I wish you both very, very well… May you both live a happy long life together!

Sincerely yours, Mike Kollin

Mike Kollin is brilliant! His courses teach you the key to an enduring and effective communication in relationship, just what we need today especially where the divorce rates all over the world is high! His courses are definitely worth your money. Join his workshop or book him for private coaching, the results will exceed your expectations. Mike practices a creative method that provokes your fundamental way of thinking and guides you in attracting men or women in the most natural way. And not only that, he gives you insight to men and women’s modes of thinking, which will help you cement and nurture long lasting relationships.

Give him a call now, his sessions will definitely change your life.

Spread the  Love,


Mitos Suson
Virtual Web Consultant

Mitos Suson

Mings Web Design

My Web designer. Mings World


Have you ever heard the saying… “The way to a woman’s heart is through her mind.”? It is true, truer than I ever thought. And Mike will teach you how to speak the language the female mind is wired to respond to. Save yourself incalculable time & energy, and have Mike coach you on these principles – some are quite surprising, and non-intuitive at face value, so you really don’t want to try and figure this stuff out by trial and error.
Personally, I can say that after my time with Mike in my corner, my eyes have been opened to the vast differences that exist, on many levels, between men & women. I see a more clearly defined role for myself as a man, when it comes to male / female interactions & relationships. And I am greatly more prepared to handle, as well as understand, some of the stranger & illogical aspects of women.


The cherry on top is that Mike is truly a great guy. At first glance Mike may seem like a tough guy, but he has a heart of gold, and is a hardworking coach who will truly make you feel understood & supported.


But don’t take my word for it, get off your butt & give him a call. It won’t take long for you to find out for yourself.

Leon- Computer Graphic Designer
Alameda California,