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Crack the Female Code – The Mystery Revealed 


This is my ultimate resource for Powerfully introducing you to my course and how to melt a women’s heart and turn her on! Start your journey Now and order today!

There are 3 main keys to understanding how to talk to women, Love women and turn women on. And they are literally the opposite of the way you would ever think in a million years.

Understanding the Female mind can be challenging at times. But there is a brand new discovery that effectively teaches men the core of what’s really going on. And how to use these Powerful New Discoveries to Attract, Seduce and turn women on fast.
There is an answer and it will change your life forever when dealing with the opposite sex.

Teaching Communication & Awareness skills to the Monks! Yep, That’s me!











Normally $60.00. Now Only $25 for 400 plus Powerfully Packed Pages of Valuable Information that will Absolutely Transform your dating & relationship life!

This is more than a book, this is a training & mind conditioning Manual!

(These hidden teachings are not taught anywhere in any other course.) There’s something Powerful I learned from a Laotian Monk whom I studied under for 8 years. He was the Key to my understanding what’s really going on, on a deeper level!!!

If you order right now, I am throwing in a Free 1 hour phone consultation or in person session. That alone is a $125 Value!

* This is the Unedited, Fully Disclosed version of my book! It’s all in there!

And for a very limited time, I am also throwing in 2 more bonuses, #1 my Sex Signals Body Language PDF a Value of $10. And #2 also my Bonus “In the Beginning”, $10 Value,  to amplify your learning. The Sex Signals PDF alone will clearly open your eyes to what’s right in front of you but have always missed! You’ll see.

*** That’s my Powerful Information packed 400 + Page Book, Crack the Female Code Normally $60, 2 Golden Bonuses $20 Value and 1 Free Phone Consultation, a $125 Value!! That’s $205 Value for only $25 Right Now!!

* Remember, this is the Unedited Version, so it’s all in there! You get it raw and unchanged before the editor takes out chunks or Pure information.


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“Mike does it once again! Constantly pushing the envelope of realization! I am a former client of Mikes and decided to find out what he has been up to lately! This book is not only a refresher course, but his new, ground breaking information is Mind Blowing!”

“The first 2 sections are Awesome. But, the 4th Section is absolutely the Best!”

Mark S. – Masters Degree in Psychology, former client. San Diego

“Mikes courses and teachings are absolutely essential if you have had it with losing in the game of Life, Love and women. Mikes teachings are Empowering for men and his insights are refreshing!”

Steve K. – Napa California

Listen to this Voice Testimonial left on my Home Phone!!! Click Video:


“You have very interesting stuff Here that you don’t find in any other programs out there. And I just want to let you know that your stuff is Genius. It’s really something out of this world. I’m reading your books right now. I ordered it not to long ago. I really opened up ugh to a New World as I’ve said before!”

– Charles G. Professional Consultant
Los Angeles, Ca.


Another Testimonial just received yesterday:


“Hi Mike!

I feel really good!!!!! Had a date with this very cute girl last night. I feel really good, because I was being internal. I was not pushing or pulling I was just being, and it felt great. I am feeling that groove just happening in my life that I had avoided for soooo long. I owe a lot of this to your teachings. Thank you!!!!!”

David G. Entrepreneur / Financial Investing student

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