About The CaveMan

Understanding your CaveMan brain and how it Powerfully effects your relationships, Sex and Turning a Woman on! This can save your marriage or teach you how to meet that special girl.

Caveman Rules!

How to Caveman your girl into surrendering emotionally!

In fact it turns out it’s your CaveMan or Cave girl brain that powerfully effects your Love and Relationships and Dating. And not so much your larger brain. Because our Mating system is inside our Lower, Reptilian Brain. And when women don’t feel emotionally fulfilled or loved or deeply and truly cared for, it’s all because of how this little lower brain is wired and how it functions.

Yeah, you always had an inkling that she was a little cave girl at heart! Hahaha… Turns out, you were right. See, our Lower-Reptilian brain or as I call it, the CaveMan/Cave girl brain was developed 50,000 years ago or longer. And it’s still operating off of an old outdated system. Except, it’s really not outdated. It still has a powerfully important set of functions and it’s doing it’s job very well actually. What’s my point? It’s your larger human brain that is actually getting in the way of understanding, communicating with and loving the opposite sex in the way that she or he needs.

The sad truth, is that a lot of the so called experts have been teaching you to deny this part of your brain and act like it’s beneath you. Well, I am here to tell you, that it is deeply ingrained in who you are within, the real person within, like a little child and “Damn it”, it has needs. Powerful needs that once fulfilled put the inner beast to rest. And open up to a deeper, more emotionally fulfilling and meaningful level of connection, love and caring within… See that’s what I am all about and what my course is about. Bringing men and women back together for those deeper, more meaningful and loving connections that you and I and we were all meant to experience. And yes guys I will teach you how to put your Cave girls inner beast at ease… :)

To deny your Lower Brains needs is the equivalent to  denying your visual cortex which resides in the back of your brain. Hey, it is a really, really old functioning system. So should we deny that too? Hell no! And neither should we deny the CaveMan brain because the base of our relationship functions and needs reside within there and powerfully effect us. And there is no other greater way to bond, connect and move forward as a society, peoples and planet.

Here at CaveMan Technologies we will teach you how to integrate and bring back into unison your entire brain and nervous system! No more hiding from your true self and your inner, more spiritual self. It’s time to open up and “Awaken”.

All I can say, is I have found “The Holy Grail” to Love and Relationships. And the only way you are going to find that inner peace within yourself and your loved ones is to take this course and let it transform you heart, mind, and your very soul into a deeper, more powerfully loving you, that has always resided deeper within.

And to find out it was all inside your animal brain!

Oh, I almost forgot. This course also teaches men to be men again and come from their more masculine, aggressive and loving side. To reconnect with their inner power and come from a greater source of self, knowing and greater understanding and awareness.

How to be the CaveMan She’s always desired! And at the same time her Romantic Hero.

It’s all about Love and Understanding Through Communication and Greater Awareness!



Mike Kollin, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author